Sesame Workshop Partners With DIFF Eyewear On New Sesame Street Collection

All year Sesame Street has been celebrating their 50th anniversary, collaborating with different, socially conscious companies. They've partnered with TOMS, a company known for donating a pair of shoes for every pair sold, and with Bombas socks which also donates a pair to the homeless for every pair sold. They've also partnered with Out of Print who will be releasing a variety of items throughout the year featuring classic illustrations from Sesame Street books. Out of Print donates books throughout a variety of literacy programs every year, so far having donated more than 3 million. This month Sesame Workshop is pairing up with DIFF Eyeglasses to create their very own DIFF x Sesame Street collection and once again, for every pair purchased DIFF will donate a pair to someone in need.

The best part of the DIFF x Sesame Street collection is that they are making the glasses for adults and children, so parents and kids can match, or just equally show their love of Sesame Street. The glasses will feature Blue Light lenses and sunglasses for everyone in the family.

The blue light blocking lenses will be available in a variety of colors named after some of your favorite characters including Cookie Cyan, Bird Yellow, Elmo Red, and Black frames.

Credit: DIFF Eyewear

Not only do these glasses look amazing and buying a pair helps give someone in need their own pair of glasses, but they're incredible quality too. Each pair of these limited edition glasses are made from premium acetate which ensures their quality and makes them durable, an important quality in anything made for kids.

Credit: DIFF Eyewear

The glasses also provide blue light blocking, which is helpful in blocking the rays projected from digital screens. With more and more of us spending time on our phones and tablets and in front of a variety of screens, this is a great feature.

Credit: DIFF Eyewear

The Diff x Sesame Street collection is available NOW. The collection launched on June 20 and isn't only adorable, it's affordable. The adult collection will retail for just $85 while the children's collection will retail for $50.

For more information on the DIFF x Sesame Street collection and DIFF Charitable Eyewear, you can visit their website here.

Credit: DIFF Eyewear

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