'Sesame Street' Launching A Show In Arabic To Help Syrian Refugee Children

We are lucky that we know how to get to "Sesame Street." The show, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, revolutionized children's television, and it has taught generations of kids about their letters and numbers — and so much more. It's not only entertaining, but Sesame Street has actually been linked to better scores in school and a better start for kids in their earliest years.

More than that, Sesame Street writers and producers have made a point to make a show that reflects the world around children. It's cast has been racially and culturally diverse from the beginning, and the characters have taught us a lot about other differences such as autism, teaching kids about kindness and acceptance.

The show has been produced in 70 languages, and a new version is adding another to the slate in an attempt to teach about another group. The Sesame Workshop has developed a program for audiences in the Middle East, and on top of that, the organization is donating money to support refugee children.

Credit: PBS/Sesame Street

According to CBS News, the $100 million project is the result of a challenge by the MacArthur Foundation to help solve the refugee crisis out of Syria, which has impacted around 3 million children.

Those kids live in refugee camps throughout the region, and they often don't have many opportunities to learn to read and write. "Sesame Street" gives them the opportunity to learn. The show also talks about emotions.

In addition to the show, which will air in 20 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, the project also includes support for the children and their parents, giving them the hope that they need in the hardest of circumstances.

Sesame Street is a treasure for kids in America. Elmo and Big Bird are favorites for the preschool kids, but even high schoolers have to admit that they still love Bert and Ernie. The fact that the Sesame Workshop felt so strongly that their show could make a difference for children in the worst of circumstances demonstrates their commitment to doing good around the world — and we're certain that the little ones in the refugee camps will benefit greatly from this endeavor.

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