10-Year-Old Girl's Epic 'Fake' Nails Are Going Viral After Mom Said No To Acrylics

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There's nothing better than an enterprising young girl who knows what she wants, and isn't about to let the word "no" stand in her way! Sometimes, it's all about finding that loophole and exploiting it to your advantage to get your way. But not in a bad way! We mean in a totally smart and hilarious way, that ends up making your mom go viral when she shares the story. Twitter user Serafina recently shared an absolutely amazing story about her 10-year-old daughter and how her quick-thinking and creative spirit got her 'what she really wanted.

Serafina says her daughter had been asking for press-on nails for the weekend. You guys remember those, right? With the little stickers and the cute colors and designs? They're all the rage! But Serafina felt her daughter was a bit young for them still, so her daughter took matters into her own hands. Or nails, in this case.

No press-on nails? No problem! This little girl just made herself a set using clay. You guys, just look at that full set! The shape, the length, the super-trendy matte color. This girl has a real talent! For nails, and also for getting around what her mama told her.

People could not get enough of this girl's clay set, and we can't blame them!

Apparently, her daughter used to a nail-biter, so Serafina made her a deal: stop biting your nails, and she'd start doing nail on her.

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And just look at these gorgeous natural nails!

Serafina, who called her daughter "Playdoh Princess," says that after all her daughter did to show how much she wanted press-ons, her parents caved and let her have them for the weekend.

And she's also going to encourage her daughter's love of working with nails and acrylics, and got her some inexpensive tools and things to practice with at home. Now that is a good mama and papa! Honestly, Playdo Princess clearly has a talent, and if she can think that far outside of the box in order to get her some nails, then she deserves to be encouraged to take this as far at it will go! Excellent craftsmanship, kiddo. We see a very bright future ahead of you.

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