Quick-Thinking Mom Shares Photo To Help Parents Spot Early Signs Of Sepsis

Having young children means dealing with lots of different scrapes and bruises and minor injuries. Most of the time parents are able to handle things at home with a first aid kit and lots of love and attention, however, sometimes a child's injuries can be more serious than initially thought. One woman in the UK shared a picture of her 8-year-old son's seemingly innocent injury to warn parents that minor injuries can sometimes lead to something more dangerous.

Alexandra Ruddy recently shared a picture of her son Ewan's wrist to warn other parents that a sometimes minor injury can turn into something potentially deadly. Ruddy explained in her Facebook post that her youngest son had fallen over at the zoo and "took quite a bashing." She explained that she took him inside, cleaned him up and bandaged the wound that he had on the inside of his wrist, and even called her son's school to ensure he was washing his hands frequently to keep the area clean.

She explained that although her son's wound looked to be getting bigger, it didn't look infected. It wasn't until he showed her a red mark along his vein leading towards the wound that she began to suspect that something might be wrong. Trusting her gut instinct Ruddy took her son to an after-hours clinic where the doctor told her that her son had blood poisoning, otherwise known as sepsis.

I’ve been in two minds whether to post this but my husband convinced me as he said if I hadn’t been here he wouldn’t...

Posted by Alexandra Ruddy on Sunday, June 2, 2019

Ruddy posted the picture to warn other parents that if they see something similar on their child not to hesitate to bring them to the hospital.

“If you spot this red line running from a wound along the vein get yourself or your child seen straight away,” Ruddy told SWNS. “Ewan was fine in himself, he was happy – which is what made it difficult to notice. He was absolutely fine and that is the scary bit about it.” She explained that it was about a week after Ewan's fall that he developed a fever and said the red mark was "itchy." She took him to the after-hours clinic where the doctor told her that her son had sepsis and immediately prescribed him antibiotics. “He put a black marker on the line and said if it gets wider or bigger than this line you need to come back immediately,” Ruddy told SWNS.

Fortunately, the antibiotics worked and Ewan is feeling great, but Ruddy wanted to warn as many parents as possible to take immediate action if they see a similar red line on their own child.

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