Sephora Now Offering 2-Day Shipping Subscription Service Similar To Amazon Prime


There’s great news for working and busy moms who like to shop online for the latest beauty bargains and sales rather than beat the crowds at the malls. That’s because everyone’s favorite beauty store Sephora is launching a shipping subscription that is very similar to Amazon Prime. Now, moms will soon be able to get their favorite products at their doorsteps before they can even say “new mascara, please!”

Sephora is not only launching their very own Amazon-like shipping service, but they are also making it much cheaper, too. It’s a win-win for moms who don’t have enough time to jump in their cars and head to their nearest Sephora and save money while they are at it.

The retailer’s Flash subscription will offer a two-day shipping option with just a yearly charge of $15. Three-day shipping, meanwhile, is just at $5.95. Seeing how two-day shipping without the subscription is just $10.95, this means that many consumers are saving tons of money, especially if they plan on ordering their favorite makeup brands several times a year.

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For a lot of moms on the go, this makes total sense. Just imagine all of the gas money you would save by ordering your makeup online. Also keep in mind that if you spend more than $50 on Sephora’s products, three-day shipping is free. But if you prefer to buy small amounts of makeup, the subscription service definitely makes sense.

If you spend at least $1,000 on make up each year, you’ll earn VIB Rouge member status. This means that you can enroll in a subscription service for no additional cost and get shipping for free for the entire year.

Unfortunately, if you live in the states of Alaska and Hawaii, you don’t qualify for the service, at least not yet. Hazmat items, including aerosols and alcohol-based products, also do not qualify for expedited shipping.

If you have any additional questions or need more information about the new service, you can stop by a Sephora store at anytime or simply call 877-SEPHORA. You can also send an email to the customer service department by going to the My Account page.

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