Why You Shouldn't Worry About Sending Family Holiday Cards This Season

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During this time of the year, many households get the same kind of holiday mail. More often than not, it’s the secret gifts they purchased online, holiday deals, coupons, and catalogs from their favorite retailers and the odd holiday card that they receive from neighbors, family members, and their close friends. But it looks like the time-consuming tradition of making a collage of holiday-themed photos, writing a handwritten note and sending them off via the post office might be fading away.

For many, it’s a tradition that requires a lot of organization, planning, and cost. So many working parents have made it no secret that they hate them. Considering how much daily communication is conducted online and fewer people send handwritten notes these days, is this practice on its way out? It depends on who you ask. In the past decade, more couples and families have shifted to sending out an e-card instead.

Plus, there’s something else to keep in mind: sending out holiday cards is actually getting more and more expensive each year. With the rising cost of stamps, cards, and even family portrait sessions, many people are forgoing the tradition (and the effort altogether) by posting an updated photo of their loved ones on social media or sending out text instead. The cost? Nothing but likes, comments, and some good online cheer.

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If you still want to send a holiday card to everyone in your address book, then definitely do so. Since many people travel to visit loved ones and friends during November and December, being first to the post office will definitely leave a lasting impression on everyone.

Also, holiday planning experts agree that if you do intend on sending a handwritten note, your best bet is to send one with a heartfelt written message rather than a generic one. Including a relevant memory from your interaction with a family member or a friend will leave a heartfelt impression and will, of course, last as long as the card itself.

But keep in mind though that the excitement of receiving a holiday well-wish can wane as the season lingers. In other words, you might want to beat everyone by getting to the post office before the big rush begins.

Happy holidays, everyone.

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