Selma Blair’s 9-Year-Old Discusses Her Multiple Sclerosis Battle

During award season last year, many people were surprised to see Selma Blair walking the red carpet at the Vanity Fair party with the help of a (very fashionable) cane. The 47-year-old actress keeps a fairly low profile, and many fans were shocked to learn she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in August 2018. The degenerative condition has affected every aspect of her life, but she hasn't let it stop her or slow her down. Blair has been very open about her journey with MS, sharing the highs and lows of her everyday life with her 9-year-old son Arthur. She's also been open about how Arthur has been there with her every single step of the way, calling him her inspiration. We know it isn't easy to manage a condition like MS, especially as a parent. But while Blair calls Arthur her inspiration, we have to hand it to both of them for being so brave and open in the midst of everything.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Selma Blair reflected on how strong Arthur is, and how he's dealing with her diagnosis. Blair says he's had to endure some pretty heavy stuff, like her falling down the stairs or rushing to the bathroom when she's sick. But in spite of it all, Arthur is incredibly supportive of his mama and wise beyond his 9 years. Arthur says, "Mommy's not sick. Mommy's brave". We couldn't agree more, Arthur!

Last week, on his birthday, Blair shared a beautiful post about his birth. The picture she included was of Arthur helping to cut her hair, and in the post she mentions not being able to spend his birthday with him.

Turns out, Blair was in the hospital on Arthur's birthday, undergoing treatment to help manage her MS. In a photo she shared in discharge day, Blair is standing next to her walk assist bike, with a clean-shaven head and a look of determination on her face. The actress had just completed an intense round of treatment that will leave her immunocompromised for the next three months, so no kisses for Selma for the time being! It sounds like she and her medical team are happy with the results, and hopeful for what the future holds. We're pulling for you, Selma! Best of luck on your recovery!

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