Mom Says Hospital Left Epidural In Her Back For 4 'Agonizing' Days

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most exciting times in a woman's life, but for one new mom from Pensacola, Florida, it has become a nightmare. Eighteen-year-old Selena Gray arrived at Sacred Heart Hospital on June 25, in labor with her daughter Serenity who would be born the next day. The new mother was given an epidural to help ease her pain, which is common with many childbirths. However, what happened next was anything but common and has left Gray in excruciating pain.

Gray explained to Fox 19 News that the epidural tube was left in her back after the delivery, leaving her in unbearable pain. “Basically, my epidural looped itself into my spine,” Gray said. “It’s in a knot in my spine, and they’ve been trying to tug at it and tug at it. I haven’t been able to get up or move or do anything.”


Posted by Selena Gray on Thursday, June 27, 2019

After two days in Sacred Heart Hospital, the new mother transferred to Baptist Health Care hospital but said that doctors there were unable to help her, feeling uneasy about even touching her. "They just keep telling me, 'In all my years, I haven't seen anything like this.' So basically, they're just as shocked as I am," she said.

She then took a six-hour ambulance trip to the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Fla., where she was finally able to receive help. The hospital staff was able to remove the epidural tube after four days!

-----------Update------------ I thank everyone for all their prayers and I think God that Shands Hospital was able to...

Posted by Selena Gray on Saturday, June 29, 2019

Although Gray is now home after her harrowing ordeal, she is still feeling the effects of having the epidural tube lodged in her back for four days. Gray told Fox 29 News that “I was terrified, and I still kind of am," of her ordeal and recovery, explaining that she still can't pick up her daughter and relies on family members to bring Serenity to her.

It seems that Gray's recovery isn't going as planned since coming home. Her step-mother, Patricia Alvarado, posted a video on her Facebook page showing how much help Gray still needs to simply walk. "This morning which is Day 6 is a completely different story," she captioned her Facebook post. "She is in such agonizing pain she couldn’t use the walker to get up, she had to be lifted up off the couch and is crying in pain."

The hospital told Yahoo! Lifestyle they couldn't comment on the case due to privacy laws. Gray told Fox 29 that she wants her story to be a warning for other new mothers. “Be safe. If you plan on getting an epidural, make sure you do your research.”

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