Season 2 Of 'You' Finally Has A Release Date On Netflix

Luckily fans won't have to wait long and on December 26, 2019, they'll finally get what they've been waiting for.

In the final episode of season 1, romantic hopeful, Guinevere Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail, comes to learn something that You watchers have known all along, that Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, the man she's been dating is more like Ted Bundy than Prince charming. She quickly goes from being the object of his affections to the subject of his next kill.

As you watched the episode, you may have found yourself biting your nails while wondering if she'll escape, only to find out that she doesn't. Joe succeeds in murdering her just like he did his last girlfriend..or so we thought.

Credit: Netflix

In the final scenes, in true serial killer form, we see Joe immediately recover from his last kill and on to the next one. As watchers of the show see Joe source a new victim and start to stalk his next prey, fans feel nervous for the poor girl, knowing what her ultimate fate will be. As Joe gets closer to her and ready to make his initial charming move to sucker her in, we discover that the new woman that he's got his eye on is ex-girlfriend Candace, who the audience was led to believe he'd already killed.

In season 2, we'll get to see how this drama unfolds. Another plot twist that fans will no doubt be curious to find out about is whether or not Guinevere's therapist will take the fall for her murder after being framed by Joe for it.

One of the big changes of the show will be it's location. The first season takes place in busy New York, but when the show finishes, fans watch as Joe packs it up and makes a cross country move from New York to Los Angeles, where season 2 will take place. December 26th is right around the corner and soon enough, all the show's cliff hangers will be answered!

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