'Seashell Nails' Are The Perfect Summertime Trend

Now that summer is here it's the perfect time to give yourself a makeover, and that not only includes bringing out the summer dresses and flip flops, but upping your manicure game as well. Summertime is all about the beachy vibes, so there's no reason your manicure can't be as well. Seashell nails are the perfect summer trend for manicures because even if you're stuck in the office you can still channel the beach through your nails. Check out these amazing manicures and pick your favorite so you can always have the beach at your fingertips.

Pretty in Pink

These stunning tropical and beach inspired nails, created by manicurist Kaitlin Jeanette Smith are so gorgeous people won't be able to stop looking at your nails. The tropical banana print, flamingo and pineapple themed nails accented with jewels make this manicure a definite show stopper.

Mermaid Vibes

Nail artist Reyhan created this gorgeous, mermaid tail inspired manicure that will definitely have you channeling your inner Ariel.

She Sells Seashells...

Carissa Price created this magnificent beach inspired seashell manicure by using tiny shells, starfish and mini pearls along with ombre polish that looks just like the ocean. This manicure may not come cheap but it's definitely spectacular!

Summer Vibes

We are definitely getting some hot pink summer beachy vibes from this manicure by Planets of Polish. If you want to go bold with your seashell nails this summer this bright pink beach-inspired manicure is perfect! Waves, oyster and seashells and even a mermaid tail will make your nails the talk of the town.

Simple Yet Stunning

If you love the idea of a seashell manicure but want to keep your nails on the simple side, this gorgeous manicure by Mindy Nailed It is perfect. The nails are a pretty opalescent shade of pink/white with an accent finger designed to look like a seashell with a sweet gem as decoration.

The Shell Game Is Strong

V.S. Nails Collection took the shell accent nail to an entirely new level with this bold and beautiful manicure. The bright color is perfectly accented with one rose gold sparkling nail and one gorgeous seashell nail. This is definitely a manicure for someone who likes to experiment with style.

If you're looking for something a bit different for your manicure this summer, seashell nails are definitely a trend you're going to want to try.

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