Middle School Girls Are Giving Their Scrunchies Out As A Crush Gift

Any mom of a tween or teen girl knows that scrunchies have been making a comeback for a few years now. The 80’s staple is back and in high demand whether we like it or not. VSCO girls have made matching your scrunchie to your oversized sweatshirt and your Hydro Flask bottle one of the hottest new trends whether you wear it in your hair or on your wrist. And now, thanks to pop culture, scrunchies are the new trend in middle school crush gifts.

Perhaps we can thank Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky for popularizing the scrunchie crush gift. For those of you who don’t know, Covey and Kavinsky are the starring in characters in Jenny Han’s adorable YA book series turned Netflix smash hit “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” The duo pretends to be a couple (while secretly actually falling for each other) and to signify their new status change Kavinsky wears Covey’s scrunchie on his wrist. It’s almost too sweet for words, and it seems that it has kick-started a trend.

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One mom recently discovered that the scrunchie crush gift trend was real when she started to discover them in her son’s laundry. Emily Covington wrote a post on Facebook titled "PSA to ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRL MOMS!" informing them why their daughters might be missing so many of their scrunchies. “Are you tired of wasting money on hair scrunchies? Feel like you're buying them every week? Wondering why your daughter can't keep up with them?” she wrote in her now-viral post.

“Well let me let you in on a little secret. ....They are being found in the dryer of every boy Mom's home. I'm about to start a lost and found page for them on Facebook or better yet return them to school with a love note for me.” She went on to explain writing “Apparently it's cool to give your scrunchie to someone you think is cute,” before posting a picture of the scrunchies her son has collected during the week.

PSA to ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRL MOMS! Are you tired of wasting money on hair scrunchies? Feel like you're buying them...

Posted by Emily Covington on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

"One week there were all these scrunchies in the dryer," Covington told GMA. "The first batch, I didn't think anything of and tossed them in the trash thinking it was a fluke or maybe even mine that I forgot."

She decided to ask her son what was going on with all the scrunchies, who explained that girls give boys they like their scrunchies, which they then in turn wear around their wrist.

"It sounds harmless," Covington said, before adding that boys tend to give girls they like their hoodies. “I told my son he better be careful 'cause I'm not buying him any new ones and it could be a very cold winter."

So if you're wondering where all the scrunchies have gone or why you seem to be collecting them, now you know!

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