8 No-Screen Toys Your Kids Will Actually Want To Play With

With so many parents concerned about their children becoming increasingly hooked to their iPads, Nintendo Switch devices, and various electronic tablets, they are looking for more low-tech and no-screen products to help preoccupy their kids. Toddlers and older children don’t have to be glued to a screen watching endless hours of YouTube videos or play online games during their downtime. Instead, there are plenty of toys out there that can help entertain kids without making it hard for parents to peel away their iPads at the end of the day.

From electronic pens to walkie talkies and plenty of toys in between, these options not only help keep kids happy, but can also stimulate their imaginations with creative play. Here are 7 low-tech toys that are both affordable and parent and child approved.

3D Pen For Kids

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For those parents that are worried that their children are spending too much time typing or swiping away on their iPad, this 3D pen will help tap into the inner artist in your child. The art set makes for a great birthday or holiday present and even comes with a craft kit and animal stickers. The more time your child spends holding a pen in his or her hand, the more they are using their minds to create, write, draw, and dazzle their parents with their projects.

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Wonder Workshop Dot Creativity Kit

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The Wonder Workshop Dot Creativity kit is a low-tech product that actually introduces children to coding. And as many educational experts say, coding is a special skill that many kids will need for the future. It’s a clever little robot that comes with sensors and allows your children to try their very first Do-It-Yourself project with their creativity kit. It also helps develop problem-solving skills while keeping your kids busy crafting and constructing their newest invention.

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Walkie Talkie For Kids

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If you want your kids to get up and get running again, or have them play a classic game of hide-and-go-seek, this toy is ideal. With three channels, it’s easy to use and can pick up signals and transmissions from about two miles away. Your kids will love making adventurous memories with their neighborhood friends again. Not only is this nostalgic toy great for kids who want to explore, but it’s also a great alternative to giving your child a smartphone to play with.

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Basic Building Blocks

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These are super fundamental, and nearly all household will have these in some form. And there's a reason for that. While they may be basic, they provide a lot of opportunities for kids to use their imagination. Wooden blocks, or things like LEGO, allow kids to use their own imagination to make things from scratch.

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Goodayeah Solar Robot Kits

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Both affordable and interesting enough to keep 8-year-olds occupied for an entire afternoon, the Goodayeah Solar Robot kids are actually a 4 in 1 robotic set. It’s ideal for kids who love both science and physics. The toy encourages kids to get outside and play, as the robot function best on sunny days. Kids can also play with their robots during rainy days and indoors under 100W halogen light. It’s a great low-tech and STEM toy that can help enhance a child’s interest in physics.

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LOKMAT Drones For Kids

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The LOKMAT drone for kids is a hand-controlled suspension mini-helicopter drone with infrared induction. This interactive toy will delight kids of all ages, as it not only looks like a UFO, but it flies in the air like one, too. The best part is that it’s flexible, it’s lightweight, and it’s also made of non-toxic materials. It’s also tough enough that it should stay intact should a collision occur in the air or on the ground.

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Wireless Remote Control Robot

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This wireless remote control robot is called Abbott, and he’s ready to talk, sing, and dance his way into your children’s hearts. With 8 MIDIs in his memory, Abbott is very sensitive to another person’s gestures and can mimic just about anything you tell him to say or do. The robot takes about two hours to load after it’s fully charged but can play for a full 180 minutes before taking a much-needed nap break. Your children will fall in love with Abbott as it won’t take very long for him to prove what kind of great electronic companion he is.

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DIMY Starry Light Projector

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Your child will love looking up at the ceiling of his or her room and see all of the lights projected thanks to this unique toy that doubles up as a bedroom accessory, too. The DIMY Starry Light projector is multifunctional as it also promotes sleep, too. The lamp allows kids to get closer to the moon and stars (without having to leave their bed) to create a peaceful atmosphere before falling asleep. The projector is a great gift for kids of all ages, too.

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With so many different low-tech and screen-free toys, products and gadgets to choose from, those YouTube and online game obsessed days might soon be a thing of the past.

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