Scratch-N-Sniff Rosé Exists, All ‘90s Kids Need A Bottle Immediately

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Remember the days of being absolutely jazzed to find out your regular old sticker was, in fact, a SCRATCH-N-SNIFF STICKER?? It was like winning the kid lottery! Sure, a sticker in the shape of a hot dog is great, but a sticker in the shape of a hot dog that actually smells like a hot dog is ... OK, on second thought, maybe that's gross. But flowers or fruit, amazing! Being a kid in the 90's was the best, and now we can relive that scented part of our childhood with a scratch-n-sniff wine bottle label. Just like when we were kids, except now we're older and have our own bank accounts and can actually buy wine. Best of both worlds!

You can rosé all day with the scratch-n-sniff rosé wine from Cocomero. Yes, you read that right. A bottle of beautiful pink rosé with an actual label you can scratch to catch a whiff of that sweet, sweet aroma.

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Look how pretty it is! The color, the cute little label, it's too much. If you're wondering why a bottle of rosé is covered in watermelons, there's a totally plausible explanation. The company that makes it is called Cocomero, and cocomero is Italian for watermelon. Light bulb moment, right? The wine makers at Cocomero have been putting out rosés for a few years now, and the current scratch-n-sniff bottle is available through wine membership club Winc. According to the website, this rosé is light, airy, and bursting with watermelon flavor. Sounds like the perfect wine for a warm summer afternoon!

The 2017 vintage of this wine is the only one with the scratch-n-sniff label, and we have a feeling it's going to be VERY popular. Sure, it's a little silly and pretty gimmicky, but come on! How much fun would you have sitting around with your girlfriends and a few bottles of this wine, taking turns scratching one of the scented watermelons? It will probably be a lot more entertaining the more wine you drink. Come to think of it, maybe that's the whole point? If you love rosé but want to get in touch with the 90's kid inside of you, this scratch-n-sniff wine is perfect.

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