The Pros & Cons Of Letting Your Child Get Involved With Scouts

As a parent you want your child to be involved with extracurricular activities. Many parents love getting their child involved with boy scouts or girl scouts. The scout program is an iconic organization that has had millions of kids in their troops. Troops can help your child make friends and learn new things, but there are also some pros to enlisting your child into the scout organization. And though scouts may be right for one child it can be the wrong activity for another. So keep reading to discover the pros and cons of having your child involved with scouts.

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10 Con: Can Make Your Child Feel Pressured

Though there are some benefits of being apart of the scouts it is also a place where they feel extreme pressure.

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If your child doesn't love scouts as much as others they can feel pressure from the rest of the troop to keep at it because of them. This can make your child be apart of something they are uninterested in overall. Additionally, due to the badges, it can make your child feel extreme pressure to do well to get the same amount of badges as their troop mates. Keep your child out of any of those situations and keep them out of scouts.

9 Pro: Gives Them Problem Solving Skills

Both the boy scouts and girl scouts are known for testing their scouts on skills they are going to need in life. A skill that is constantly tested is their problem-solving skills. Many of the badges that they can earn are about problem-solving either by themselves or in a team. In each stage of their growth, they are tested on tougher challenges. Let your child learn a skill they will need in their lives and let them learn problem-solving through the scout's organization.

8 Con: Heavily Relies Parents

If you are looking for an activity that you can drop your child off at and not have to participate in then scouts are not for you and your family. Scouts like to heavily involve parents so they know what their child is learning.

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Though some parents might have that extra time to sit around and go to all of the meetings, some parents cannot make their work schedule fit into scout meetings. So don’t feel bad if you can’t allow your child into scouts due to what they expect from parents.

7 Pro: They Are Goal Oriented

Throughout life people are constantly setting and reaching for new goals for themselves and not only are their personal goals school and work will constantly be setting goals for them as well. A wonderful way to get your child used to goals is getting them involved in scouts. The scout organizations are very goal-oriented due to their badges and fundraising goals they set for the scouts and troops. The scouts promote goals to teach your child drive and dedication to a task. Teach your child how important it is to set and achieve goals through the scouts!

6 Con: Cost

Just like any other activity, there are costs involved with scouts. There is an annual fee that you have to pay per child. Addition there is cost for uniforms, activities, fundraisers, camps, and more. Though at first, it can seem doable with the annual fee, but once everything else piles up it can get very experienced fast. Remember that even though you want your child to have a fun activity, but you need to make sure it is going to fit in your family’s budget for all of the associated costs with it.

5 Pro: Networking

The scouts are known for being a large organization that extends through cities and states. Once you tell someone you are involved in scouts they will be able to tell you some else they know who is or was involved with scouts. This can be great for your child due to networking. Networking through the scouts can help your child get into college or a job since the scouts all know what it takes to be involved with that organization. Give your child a head start in life and get them involved with your local scout troop today.

4 Con: Parents End Up Doing Their Sales

There comes a time a year when scouts have to fundraisers and sale girl scout cookies or the boy scouts have to sell popcorn. And even though your little one might be with you when you go door to door to all of the neighbors you are the one who will typically end up doing all of their sales for them.

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This includes being the sale form to work and spending time outside a shop to get more customers. Don’t forget it’s not just making the sales for them too it’s also delivering the product as well.

3 Pro: Builds Relationships

Everyone knows that scouts are a great way to make friends. This is due to the strong bond that scouts make during their trips and activities to earn scouts. Scouts depend on each other to help them through and teach each other new things to grow as a persona and scout. Not only will they make friends in their troop they will instantly have something in common with any other scout throughout America. We know that the friends your little one makes in scouts today are going to be some of their best friends throughout their lives.

2 Con: Time Consuming

There are many activities that you can get your child involved in that only require one day every week to meet. Scouts, on the other hand, is very time-consuming. They have their weekly meetings, outings, and drives that all the scouts have to attend.

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This is due to all of the activities that they will need to be able to commit to multiple times a week just for scouts. So if your child is involved with other activities then there might not be enough time in the week for them to be involved with scouts too.

1 Pro: Teaches Your Child Life-Long Skills

When you are looking for an extracurricular activity for your child to get involved in you want to make sure it is not wasting their time. You want their activity to be able to teach your child something they will use throughout their life. Scouts are known for teaching your child interpersonal skills they can use in school and the future. Scouts are also great for your child to learn handy things that are being forgotten in life, like sewing or craftsmanship. So let your child learn important skills in scouts!

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