Schools Are Restricting Kids’ Bathroom Breaks, And It's Hurting Them

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If you've ever found yourself watching your children get off the school bus and sprint like they are running in the Olympics to your home bathroom, you are not alone. And then you ask, "did you use the bathroom at school today?" and get a big, fat "nope" almost every time, it's honest enough to make a mom wonder what's happening during the school day. So many questions arise, like if they are just holding it, lazy, or are teachers limiting the number of bathroom breaks they are getting? No matter what the answer, the outcome is the same: bad for their health.

Think about it though. As adults, we can go to the bathroom whenever we please. Yes, we might have a toddler wrapped around our legs while doing it, but we still have free reign over the ceramic throne. Kids, on the other hand, don't have as much flexibility while they're at school and it can honestly damage their health.

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The research was done through a survey of 362 school nurses ranging from pre-K, elementary, middle, and high schools. They also compared them in suburban, urban and rural areas. The cold hard facts showed that less than 8 percent of nurses reported their schools had a written policy on bathroom usage. In addition, 64 percent had no policy, while 28 percent had no clue. Half of the students did, however, have the ability to go to the bathroom whenever they wanted, while others offered supervised bathroom breaks.

We get it: schools want to make sure that students are spending as much time as possible in class. But, when kids are holding in urine for great lengths of time, it can lead to harmful life side effects like urinary tract infections, weakening the bladder muscles and balder leakage. These can happen to anyone whenever they are regularly holding in urine for just a few hours at a time.

Make sure you check your child's school for their most updated bathroom policies!

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