Mom Says She Can't Afford Food Because School Uniforms Are Too Expensive

Should money for school uniforms have to come out a family's grocery bill? That is the reality for one UK mother of six, and we are pretty sure she is not the only one.

Twenty-seven-year-old Chloe Adomaitis of Grimsby, Lincolnshire has six children, four of whom will move into secondary school over the next two years.

As her kids move up to the next level of schooling, their uniforms become pricier. To be able to afford the required clothing for her children, Chloe foresees needing to forgo basic necessities. That will include cutting both meat and fruit out of the grocery bill.

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Chloe says that secondary school uniforms will cost her family at least £200-£300. This will only provide one or two sets per child, so they will need to be very careful not to get them ruined. Rips, marker stains, or otherwise tainted clothing will not be accepted, and should this happen, she will need to buy replacement sets.

In order to save enough money to purchase school uniforms for her children, Chloe will need to reduce spending in other areas. But it is not as if she is giving up extravagances; the family has never taken a holiday abroad, and they are already living frugally.

Cutting the budget will mean spending less on basic necessities, like food to feed her family.

Chloe's claims are backed up by a recent study done by the Department of Education. According to the results, parents need to spend about £230 per child on school uniforms. An additional physical education kit costs £70 for primary school children and £140 for secondary school children. These results line up with Chloe's projected £200-£300.

Low-income families may be eligible for a £150 grant to supplement their costs.

Uniforms have their pluses. They simplify shopping, dressing, and laundry. They even reduce bullying, as there is less chance for children to shame those who cannot afford the best clothes. But apparently, they are still too expensive.

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