10 Tricks To Ensure Your Child's Not Late For School

It's back-to-school time, and you know what that means. It means you're often running late due to the lack of time management skills of your little ones. They are often not to blame: though children thrive on schedules, getting back into their school routine can be difficult.

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Not only will your child have a tough time re-entering their morning routines to get ready for the school day ahead, but often the parent has to manage so much in their mornings that their ability to stay on track is difficult, too. So, read on: we've listed 10 tricks to help ensure your child is not late for their school day.


Whether you decide to set an early alarm for you or your child, setting that wake-up time 10-15 minutes earlier may be easier on your system. Ensuring you're/they're awake before actually needing to get out of bed will make for an easier transition than having to jolt awake and rush to get ready.

If your children are at the age where it's difficult to get them out of bed no matter what time it is, consider setting an alarm for yourself. Perhaps thirty minutes before their alarm goes off. This way, you can get up, shower and make their breakfast, so you can focus on the kids once they wake.


A very productive task for you and your family to partake in is making your meals the night before! No matter how many children you may have, preparing the night before will relieve a lot of stress the next morning.

Simply line up your reusable containers and place the desired meal in each one. If you're able to prepare your child's entire lunch bag, do it! That way, the child simply needs to pull it from the fridge to place in their bag the next morning.


A great organizational tip to make your mornings easier and to ensure your child is not late is to hang a folder holder at the front of your door. Ensure your child is aware of this mounted, organizational paper holder. Teach them to place any papers from school that you need to sign in this folder the moment they arrive home.

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When the holder is full, the adult can sign the papers and place them back into the folder. This will make sure that your child is not frantically trying to get you to sign papers the morning they're due.


Choosing your outfit in the morning could take hours. Truly. So, to ensure you're not wasting your precious time in the AM, teach your child the importance of being efficient and choosing your outfit for the next day the night before.

Your children will be able to get in the habit of this vital tip, and it will avoid anyone being late for school. Plus, it's a great before-bed activity to get their creative juices flowing.


It's important to balance out your duties if you have a partner or hired help. Ensuring your children get to school on time can be quite overwhelming, especially if you're doing it on your own.

If you have no other choice than to get the children ready by yourself, then it may be a good idea to teach the older children to help pack their own bags, prepare their breakfast or help with their younger siblings any which way they can.


Sometimes it's easier if you can have another adult bring your children to school. Between the breakfasts you have to prepare, the fact that you too have to get ready for your day and the time management skills you truly need in order to get the kids out on time, it's a lot of work!

It may be best to ask another parent to bring your children to school along with theirs. It's okay to ask for help when it's needed! You may be able to return the favor for the other parent, too.


Preparing easy breakfasts is key. The last thing you need is a big preparation and clean-up session before a school day. However, you do not have to resort to a cheap and unhealthy meal. Considering blending smoothies for each child, with hidden spinach and turmeric powder.

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Fill their to-go cups to the rim, and you're rest assured they're getting a good, healthy boost first-thing in their morning. If you have extra time in the morning, fry onion in olive and add greens such as broccoli and spinach. Crack an egg and scramble. Easy and healthy scrambled omelette, here we come!


Children thrive on schedules. If your children are doing different things at different times each morning, they won't be able to productively get ready each morning, which could lead to them being late for their day.

If you need to block out time to feed the baby or shower while the kids watch ten minutes of TV, then ensure you're doing this each and every morning. Keeping a morning schedule for the entire family is key.


Line your children's school bags up by the door each and every morning. It's one of the most annoying things to have your child frantically search for their lost backpack when you have 20 minutes to get them to their bus!

To ensure no-one's late on their way to school, make sure their bag is all packed up and ready to go right beside your front door. This way, no-one will be trying to put everything together moments before you're all supposed to leave.


Yes- there are lots of people who take their showers in the mornings. However, it can be a vital time saver to get your washing done the night before. Not only may this give you and your child extra snooze time in the mornings, but it will allow for other people to use the washroom if needed.

To ensure no-one's late for school, consider taking a shower and making sure the children bathe the night before, instead of doing so in the mornings.

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