10 Tips To Help Kids Become More Motivated At School

A mom's life totally changes once her kids are in school full-time. Suddenly life is so much busier and filled with homework, projects, talk about field trips, and subjects that are tougher than others. While some kids thrive on going to school and are happy to attend from the very beginning, sometimes they need a bit of extra motivation and inspiration.

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Maybe a kid is having a hard time this year because they switched schools and it's difficult to make friends, or maybe they're having trouble finding the joy of learning. There are many things that moms can do to help their child out.

Here are 10 tips to help kids become more motivated at school.

10 Help Them Find A Favorite Subject

If you think back to your own academic days, you can probably agree that you loved at least one subject and didn't feel the same way about most of the others. It's great to talk to your children and say that you don't have to adore everything, but it's good to keep trying.

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When you want to help your kid become more motivated at school, you can help them find a favorite subject. Ask them what their favorite part of the school day is and they will most likely be able to pinpoint it. Once they see that they do like something about school, that will be motivating.

9 Talk To Them Every Day About School

Of course moms are always checking in with their little ones about how school is going, but this is especially important when a kid isn't having the greatest time.

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Moms can help their kids become motivated at school by talking to them every day about it. They can talk about what they like about their teacher and what they're looking forward to learning about. Moms can tell their kids that if they're concerned about anything school-related, they can definitely talk to them.

8 Ask The Teacher About Special Projects

Teachers want to be there for their students so there is no reason not to set up a parent/teacher meeting and ask their advice. Maybe you can ask the teacher about any special projects that your kid can do.

For instance, if their favorite subject is English, maybe they can read an extra book and recreate one of the scenes in diorama form, or they can write a short story. This will give kids something to be excited about.

7 Find A Club For Them To Join

If a kid is in elementary or junior high school, there are some clubs at school that they can join. It's true that if they have a solid group of friends (or even just one or two pals) plus they are involved in some extra-curriculars, they will start viewing academic life much differently.

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Maybe your kid wants to join a sports team or they are more into being creative. Either way, there is bound to be something that will light them up inside and help them look forward to going to school every day.

6 Create A Morning And After-School Routine

Adults really enjoy routines (coffee in the morning, the same thing for lunch, the same afternoon snack) and kids like them too. Moms can help their kids become more motivated at school by creating morning and after-school routines.

Your child will feel comfortable knowing that they can eat a delicious breakfast before going to school and that will put them in a good mood. And when they get home, they can have a favorite snack or play a favorite game.

5 Have A Conversation About Trying Your Best

Every kid wants their mom to tell them that they did an awesome job. It's important to let kids know that trying your best is important and that no one expects perfection.

Your child might be having a tough time in school this year because they are putting unrealistic expectations on themselves. Maybe they feel nervous about doing well. Having this conversation with them could make the worry stop, and they can enjoy school once again.

4 Teach Them The Joy Of Learning

There are so many ways to learn, from reading an interesting book about a topic to visiting an exhibit at a museum. Moms can show kids that there is more to learning than just being in a classroom.

This would definitely get them motivated to do well in school since they will realize that learning is pretty fun and that they want to keep at it.

3 Create A Study Group

If a kid is struggling with a certain subject or just isn't having the best academic year, it's very possible that their friends are feeling the same way. Moms can help their kids become more motivated at school by creating a study group.

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You can talk to the parents of your kid's classmates and see if anyone wants to join. Chances are, there will be at least a few who think that it's a good idea. It can be helpful to talk about what you're learning with other people. This will make kids see that they aren't alone and will make them feel comforted.

2 Hire A Tutor

There's nothing wrong with hiring a tutor. In fact, it can be the best thing for a kid who is struggling academically.

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Once you find the right tutor, whether they are part of a professional organization or you choose to hire a friend of the family who is a college or high school student, you can talk to your kid about meeting with them once a week or so. This might be the extra motivation that they need to start seeing school as a more positive place. The tutor will encourage them to keep trying and that will be really helpful.

1 A Reward System Is A Good Idea

It's probably not the best idea to give kids chocolate chip cookies for going to school. (They'll be in school for at least 18 years, for one thing, and adults don't exactly get treats for working in an office every day.) But a reward system is another good way to get kids more motivated about school.

If a kid improves in one subject or gets a great mark on a test, for example, moms can take them to a play, or head to the park for some basketball or soccer, or invite a favorite relative over for dinner.

It's always nice to be appreciated for your work. This will help kids want to keep trying hard in school.

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