Mom Shamed In Facebook Group For Prepping A Full Term Of School Lunches With One Shop

Ahhh the morning scramble to get the kids out the door in time so that they don't miss the bus. We don't really know any mom who finds joy in these moments as everyone is typically tired, pulling last minute homework assignments together and packing perfect lunches can sometimes be an afterthought whenever so much else is going on. Sound familiar?

In order to eliminate the nightmare that the morning shuffle can be, one mom did some major shopping and got her pantry completely organized so that morning lunch packing would be easy - for the whole term.

Yup. You read that correctly. Sounds like pure bliss, right? One would think so. However that is the opposite of what happened whenever she took pictures of her grocery haul and shared it online in a mom's group.

Credit: Facebook / Aldi Mums Group

Maybe that's where everything went wrong to begin with. While moms groups can be an incredible source of support, they can also be a place where so much criticism happens. Which is exactly what happened to this poor mama.

The mom posted to the Aldi Mums Facebook page, where she shared her amazing shopping haul - an entire term's worth of groceries that she scored for a very little price.

"Did my back to school shop today! $228 and it will last me almost all term," Kia Bradford Oswald told the group excitedly.

After posting, she instantly had a feeling that there would be some backlash (which is just sad to begin with - why can't we all just support one another?), so she quickly followed up with, "Before anyone gets mad about it my kids do NOT get everything every day and they get plenty of fruit and a sandwich as well as junk!"

Of course, one mom started with, "Nice, but mine won't be having processed stuff."

Here we go.

Credit: Facebook / Aldi Mums

Kia then hit back with, "I couldn't care less what your kids do or do not have. My kids have this in their lunch and I'm not going to deprive my kids of snacks just because your kids aren't having any!"

Feeling attacked, she then uploaded a picture of her actual pantry with this explanation: "Here’s a picture of the cupboard," she said, going on to explain, "I stack it all and alternate snacks each day. They get 3-4 bars, a cheese dip, a rope or gummy shapes and a pack of chips or cookies. They also get 2-3 pieces of fruit, a container of chopped up cucumber and a sandwich daily."

Finally, people in the group started coming to her rescue saying, "I don't care if I get booted for this but seriously, love, GET THE F*CK OVER YOURSELF!! She is feeding her kids so WHY ON EARTH DOES IT BOTHER YOU? Good on you sweetie, I'm sure your kids eat organic food! Grow up and stop shaming mums for what they feed their children, at least they're fed!"

True that.

Morning are tough to begin with, why should we make it any harder on ourselves?

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