10 Easy Ideas For School Lunches

Something that many parents struggle with is coming up with new, easy and tasty school lunch’s your child will actually want to eat making them look forward to lunch. If you have been making the same meal for your child every day they are going to get tired of eating the same thing over and over again.

Right now you might feel like you want to stop making their own lunch and just give them money for the school’s lunch. But before you call it quits on making their lunch you need to keep reading to discover ten easy ideas for your child’s school lunch!

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10 Sandwiches

A classic lunch that many people turn to for their kids is sandwiches. Sandwiches are easy and quick to through together in the morning to pack for lunch. Instead, of giving your child the classic PB&J that you’ve been giving them try switching up the sandwiches that you are making.

Pick up deli meats and cheeses to pack a fulfilling sandwich for them. Or switch it up and make their sandwich into a sandwich pinwheel instead by buying flour tortillas so you can roll up the sandwich it cut it into sandwiches.

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9 Make Your Own Pizzas

Every child loves pizza. We are not saying you should pack them a slice of leftover pizza you picked up the other day. What you can do is make a healthy version to add to their lunch for your child to have pizza at school.

You can use whole wheat pita bread for the crust, then in small containers add marinara sauces, cheese, and toppings, for your child to be able to make their own pizza at their lunch table at school. Add a fun twist to a classic food for your child’s lunch with make your own pizzas.

8 Snack Pack

There are times when it is getting late into the week and you might end up not having enough of one item to make them a full lunch. Don’t panic if this is you, instead make your child a snack pack for lunch.

A snack pack lunch is when you pack a bunch of little snacks to make up a whole meal. Some great snacks for a snack pack are fresh fruits and veggies, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, trail mix, rice crackers or anything else you have in your house.

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7 Bagel Lunch

If you are looking for a filling lunch that your child can assemble themselves at school then you want to pack them bagel lunches. bagel lunches are perfect since they do not have to be toasted for your child to eat them.

So you can pick out your child’s favorite bagel and pick out cream cheese, nut butter or jam for them to spread on their bagel when they are at school. Make an easy lunch that will not take you any time for you to prep and pack them a bagel lunch so they can enjoy it at school.

6 Hummus Spread

One of the most popular food trends in the last few years is hummus. Hummus is an easy dip to make or you can go into any store and buy multiple flavors of hummus. A great way to use hummus in your child’s lunch is to make them a hummus spread.

To make a hummus spread all you have to do is add hummus to a lunch box then add your child’s favorite veggies to it. You can add carrots, snap peas, celery, cucumbers, pretzels, pita bread, and so much more.

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5 Taco Salad

A flavorful meal that your kids are going to love when sneaking greens into it is taco salad. Taco salads can be an easy lunch for you to make for your child’s lunch. For a taco salad, all you have to do is make use or use leftover rice, add corn, beans, salsa, lettuce, and avocado.

On the side, you can add tortillas or chips for your little one to eat with their taco salad. We know that if you make this for your child there will not be any leftovers when they bring their lunchbox home.

4 Homemade Lunchables

If your little one is begging you to buy them Lunchables to take to school, you should consider making your own for them. When you make homemade Lunchables you are going to be able to make them catered to what your child likes. From the lunch meat, cheeses, and even the type of crackers your buy can be your little one’s favorite.

All you would have to do with this one is to cut the meat and cheese into smaller pieces so they can fit the crackers you picked out for their lunch.

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3 Pasta Salad

A wonderful meal that you can make ahead of time to use for lunch is pasta salad. Pasta salad is supposed to be eaten cold, making it a perfect lunch meal to pack for your kids.

The best part is that there are so many different types of pasta salad that you can make for their lunch. From pasta salad with corn in beans in it for a Mexican inspired one to one made with chicken and eggs, there are so many different options you can go through before you start to repeat one.

2 Waffles Or French Toast Sticks

Everyone agrees that breakfast can be eaten at any time of the day, so why not pack breakfast for your child’s lunch? Both waffles and french toast sticks are great for you to make ahead one day on the weekend and can keep in the freezer until you decide to use them for your little one’s lunch.

All you have to do is heat them up in the toaster oven before packing it for their lunch. Just make sure you add a small container of syrup for them and some fresh fruit to give them a complete breakfast for lunch when they are at school.

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1 Quesadillas

One of the best things about lunch is that many of the popular lunch items kids can eat with their hands. If your child loves Mexican food then you are going to want to make them quesadillas.

Quesadillas are great since they cook in a few minutes and have enough in them to keep your child full until they get home from school. And if you are looking for a dairy-free alternative make their Quesadilla with beans or sweet potatoes to make it a tasty lunch they will look forward to.

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