Students Owing $15 In Lunch Debt Will Have Their Hot Meals Thrown Out At This School

School lunches are a big topic online right now, and it is normally based around the cost and what to do if a student can not afford their lunch. One school in Minnesota has decided to take an unconventional approach when handling students who can not afford to pay for their hot meals.

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An entire school district in Minnesota has come to people’s attention after a video was released. This video appeared to show a bunch of high school cafeteria workers throwing away lunches. This waste is shocking on its own when we think of everyone in the world who goes without food.

They were throwing away lunches of students who had outstanding lunch debt. The district is, of course, now offering an apology but the damage is done, and it may be a little too late for that.

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The specific school in question is Richfield High School. If a student had an outstanding lunch debt of $15 or more had their lunches tossed in the garbage. This singled out 40 students at the very least, an embarrassing ordeal for anyone let alone a teenager.

While the students were in line with their lunch, their food was taken right off their tray and thrown in the trash. Now, they were not left empty handed, they were instead given a cold lunch that they were forced to eat.

The Superintendent, Steven Unowsky, had this to say about the incident; “There are multiple failures we had in this situation and our job is to fix it. First and foremost, in the way we treated our kids We should never leave kids with the feeling they had from the experience.”

The principal of the school also noticed a problem, as did the school board. They have now decided that moving forward, students who have lunch debt will still be allowed to keep their hot lunch. The outstanding balance will also be sent electronically to alert the student, instead of announcing it in front of others. The student will also be approached by the school guidance counselor to figure out a way to work on their finances.

This is another example of school lunch shaming that is spreading across the country. Something that needs to change.

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