School District's Universal Dress Code Making Headlines For Being A Good Example

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It's not uncommon these days to hear all manner of stories relating to school dress codes, but they usually aren't positive. Seattle Public Schools have decided to flip the script, by releasing a dress code that both kids and parents can get behind. Like many archaic patterns of thinking, girls are often targeted more than boys when it comes to what they wear.

Seattle Public Schools used to let individual schools come up with their own plan, which often varied greatly from place to place. Now, they've put a widespread dress code in place, but it's not what you think. Instead of focusing on the length of skirts and how much cleavage can be displayed, the district has made the code much more gender-neutral.

The liberal change starts this fall, and will most likely be welcomed with open arms. Kids aren't allowed to wear anything with drug-related slogans and pictures, alcohol, porn, or hate speech...but that's where the stipulations end. All the district asks is that private parts are covered. No set length requirements, no uniforms. Just common decency.

dress code
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According to a statement, the district had many complaints from families over the years who felt the previous dress codes weren't fair. One of the families affected spoke of how their daughter was penalized by the school after wearing a sleeveless shirt on a hot day.

Clearly moved by the outcry, the district decided to leave it up to students and parents to figure out what to wear to school. The press release from the board reads, "Students should be able to dress and style their hair for school in a manner that expresses their individuality without fear of unnecessary discipline or body shaming." What's more, if the teachers do need to pull a student up on what they're wearing, it's to be done in private and not in front of others to save embarrassment.

While this is a great step for Seattle, there's still a lot of work to do in other states that won't happen overnight. Rome wasn't built in a day, but dress codes can be changed over the course of time!

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