School Forced To Ban Parent Lunch Visits Because Parents Went Overboard

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Some parents just can't cut those strings, LOL. Listen, we get it! You have these babies, you raise them and nurture them and spend all your time with them, and then suddenly you send them off to school for seven hours a day. It's hard to stop being mom all the time cold turkey! Which is why some parents choose to volunteer or visit their kids during school hours. It can be fun to help out in your kids' classroom, be there for award ceremonies or parties, or just be involved with their school in other ways.

Apparently, some parents even choose to have lunch with their kiddos at school. In theory, it sounds like a fine idea. But because some parents are just a bit too extra, it's turned into a problem for some school. So much of a problem, in fact, that one school was forced to actually ban parents from coming to school to have lunch with their kids. Moms are going to mom, right?

The Darien School District in Connecticut had a policy of allowing parents to come eat lunch with their kids. But they recently sent home a letter letting know that they've had to rescind that policy, and that parents are no longer welcome to dine with their kiddos at school. The district said that they believe that schools exist for the kids, and that they want to focus on helping kids develop the necessary skills to grow up to be functional, engaged members of society. That makes sense!

Now, a parent having lunch with their kid at school once isn't going to derail those goals. But remember how we said some parents are extra? Turns out, the lunchroom parents were going a bit ... overboard.

On any given day, there were 6-7 parents in the lunchroom with their kids. Now, when you consider that there were probably 40-60 kids at most in the cafeteria? Seven adults is a lot, and it's distracting! Furthermore, it was creating an atmosphere that was detrimental to students. A teacher at a middle school in Connecticut said that parents would bring pizza for their kids and some other students, but not all students. Other parents would literally sit there and spoon-feed their child, or bring a homemade lunch.

To be honest, our kids would be MORTIFIED if we showed up at their school to feed them lunch. How can we expect our kids to learn how to navigate the world and peer interaction if we are hovering around them at all times? We're on the district's side here, for sure.

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