New Details Revealed About Murdered Mom Of 4 Who Went Missing After Giving Birth To Twins

Every once in a while, a story we read or hear about sticks with us. A lot of the time, the stories have to do with missing people or children. We can't stop thinking about what happened to them, where they might be, and hurting for their family and friends who are struggling to get through each day without answers. We can't imagine the turmoil of not knowing where your friend or relative is, if they're in pain, if they need help. The not knowing must be so hard! You guys might remember the case of Savannah Spurlock, a 22-year-old mother of four who went missing in Kentucky in January of this year. Her case gripped the country, as rescue teams, friends, and family came together to locate the young mom.

Sadly, the update on Savannah's story is the worst possible scenario. Now authorities are trying to piece together the final hours of her life, and bring those responsible for her murder to justice.

Savannah Spurlock went missing on January 4, after a night out with some friends. The young mom of four had just given birth to twins one month earlier, and needed a night out to relax and have some fun. Savannah and some friends hit up The Other Bar in Lexington, Kentucky. But surveillance footage showed Savannah leaving the bar without them. Instead, she was seen walking out behind three men, one of whom has been identified as 23-year-old David Sparks. Sparks was arrested last week in connection with her death.

At 3 a.m., Savannah initiated a FaceTime call with her mom Ellen, and told her she'd be home later that morning. But Savannah never returned home, and the search to locate her was started. In February, about a month after she went missing, authorities identified the home in Garrard County where they believed the three men took Savannah that night, but a search of the property never turned up a body.

In April, police found blood that matched Savannah's in Sparks' closet, but still didn't have enough to make an arrest. But an anonymous tip early last week led to a major break in the case. Authorities received a tip of a foul odor in the Kentucky yard of Sparks' home, which led to the heartbreaking discovery of Savannah's body. Her nude body was found bound in duct tape and wrapped in several large black trash bags. She was also found with a rug identified as belonging to Spark - it was in his bedroom, and he purchased a new one shortly after Savannah went missing.

Sparks maintained that Savannah fell asleep at his house shortly after they arrived, and said she woke up him up to to ask for his address, but that she was gone when he woke up later that morning. But the discovery of her body proves that his entire story was a lie. He's being held without bail on charges of abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence, and prosecutors hope to add additional murder charges once the autopsy report comes back. Such a sad end to a sad story.

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