Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Parents Should Thank Their Kids’ Teachers More

There is just no denying that teachers are some of the most amazing people to walk the planet. They do so much for our children every day of their lives and while we appreciate everything that we do, actress and mom, Sarah Michelle Gellar is encouraging parents to start saying it more.

Think about it: we communicate with our children's teachers whenever there is a problem whether at school or at home, to be reminded of something coming up, etc. However, when was the last time that we ll emailed our child's teacher just to say thanks? Probably never.

Gellar and her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., have a 10-year-old daughter, Charlotte, and recently spoke with Huffpost Parents about an initiative that she's working on with Lysol and while visiting classrooms felt compelled to make a statement about the educators working with our kids every day.

“Often parents go into schools and complain, saying, ‘This child did this to my child!’ and, ‘We didn’t get this part in the play!’ But let’s just take a moment and appreciate what they’re giving your child because there’s nothing better than the gift of education,” said Gellar.

“And just remember to thank teachers for what they do,” she added.

The campaign that Gellar has been working on is called  #ClearTheLists campaign, which helps the public provide teachers in underserved communities with the supplies their classrooms need most. “It’s one of the few times social media has been really good,” she said. Through sharing the campaign, she was encouraged by her followers’ response to a call to help a third grade teacher by providing some copies of the “Harry Potter” books for her Wizarding World-themed classroom - something that was on the teacher's wish list.

Doing this really hit home for Gellar as reading and Harry Potter are a big part of their life at home. “They did this ‘Baby-Sitters Club’ redo, but it’s a graphic novel. It’s ‘Kristy’s Great Idea’ and all the same books I read as a child. My daughter is really into those right now,” Gellar said. “She was also into this book called ‘El Deafo’ about a bunny.”

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We are sending some major praise to Sarah Michelle Gellar for shedding light on this issue. After all, our kids spend more time at school most weeks than they even do at home, so giving their teachers and extra thank you here and there can truly mean the world to them.

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