You Can Get This Amazing, Affordable, Mermaid Cake At Sam's Club

mermaid cake

Many parents find themselves spending more money on birthday cakes, birthday décor and supplies, and of course, birthday activities and gifts than they should. But luckily, moms and dads don’t have to shell out too much money for a cake that looks like it could easily break the bank. That’s because Sam’s Club is offering a three-tiered Mermaid Cake that every little girl or boy will want at her next birthday or pool party. And the best part is that it won’t burn a hole in your wallet, either.

According to Delish, Sam’s Club has an adorable three-tiered cake that will fulfill every little girls’ mermaid-themed party this year. For just $70, it serves up to 66 people and is getting rave reviews for its deliciousness. There’s also a two-tier version that costs just $36.98 and serves 46 people.

Credit: Sam's Club

The bottom layer is decorated to look like pink, blue, and green mermaid scales. A middle layer is covered in rainbow sprinkles, and the top layer adorned with turtles, seaweed. If that weren’t enough, there’s also a mermaid fin poking out of the top.

For the smaller version, instead of a full tier of sprinkles, there are sprinkles topping the bottom tier, or just beneath the icing sea plants. Both cakes are available in either chocolate or vanilla.

And if you needed another reason to head to your local Sam’s Club for all of your party supply needs, new reports also say that the outlet retailer have added another customer-favorite to their menu: Polish Hot Dogs. The move came after competitor Costco decided to axe polish hot dogs off of their menus, despite customer backlash. Sam’s Club decided to fill the void by adding Polish Dogs for a surprisingly low price of just 99 cents. Their social media sites have also noted that you don’t have to be a Sam’s Club member to dine in at their cafes. There are about 200 Sam’s Club stores nationwide. So with a beautiful Mermaid cake and a mouth-watering polish dog, there’s no reason why consumers shouldn’t stop in their local Sam’s Club for all of their party or pool-side needs this summer.

Meanwhile, the mermaid-inspired cakes will be available at Sam’s Club nationwide beginning Friday, July 20th.

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