Salma Hayek: 20 Little-Known Things About Her Parenting (And 3 About Her Pregnancy)

Salma Hayek is now 52 but looks decades younger, thanks to good genes and a luxurious lifestyle. She's married to a very rich man and has plenty of money of her own. When she was in her 40s, she had a daughter named Valentina.

Salma is a devoted mother, who recently posted a video of her daughter doing her hair. Valentina gave her beautiful and talented mother a trim and she did a great job. Although Salma can afford the best hairdressers in the world, she was more than happy to let her daughter take care of her hair.

Recently named Vanity Fair Spain's Personality Of The Year, Salma conquered Hollywood long ago. She appeared in some classics, including Desperado and From Dusk Till Dawn, and was also known for high-profile relationships with Edward Norton and Josh Lucas. She married Francois-Henri Pinault, the father of her child, in 2009. For years, she lived in Paris but now spends most of her time in London.

Valentina is growing up fast and Salma has had a lot to say about pregnancy and parenting. Any fan of this actress, who wowed critics by playing artist Frida Kahlo, will enjoy this informative list. It offers up the inside scoop on Salma's parenting style and pregnancy.

23 Parenting: She’s Raising Her Daughter To Change The World


Ever since getting her start appearing in a telenovela from Mexico, Salma has come a long way. She has moved beyond being eye candy on soap operas and has become an activist who uses her fame and influence to help others.

She wants her little girl to change the world, so her parenting style is oriented towards instilling the right values.

Salma has been involved with some worthy charities, including Unicef. She also has her own charity, The Salma Hayek Foundation, according to Looktothestars.org. Her charity helps mistreated women and also assists needy children who live on Mexico's streets. Salma is a strong role model for her daughter.

22 Pregnancy: She Had Gestational Diabetes

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Pregnancy is generally tough and it's even tougher when a pregnant woman has to deal with gestational diabetes. In case you're unfamiliar, this health condition happens when a woman who has never suffered from diabetes in the past develops high blood sugar while she's expecting, according to Wikipedia.

Gestational diabetes boosts the risk of depression, C-section and pre-eclampsia. Salma didn't realize she had this pregnancy-related health issue at first. She did know she wasn't feeling well during early pregnancy. If you're pregnant and experiencing tiredness, tingling and/or numb hands, blurry vision or excessive thirst, talk to your ob-gyn about gestational diabetes.

21 Parenting: She’s a Mom And A Stepmom


Did you know that Salma shares a baby daddy with supermodel Linda Evangelista? Linda dated Francois-Henri for several months, off and on, while he was also seeing Salma. When Linda had a son, Augustin, she raised him alone for the most part, because her baby daddy lived in another country. She later took Francois-Henri to court, requesting 46k per month for child support, according to the Dailymail.

Francois-Henri says that the boy is a part of his and Salma's family. Salma is a mother to daughter Valentina and a stepmother to three. She handles the demands of her modern family with grace.

20 Pregnancy: She Blames Fruit For Her Pregnancy Health Problems


Salma craved fruit, which contains natural sugar, while she was pregnant, and she blames her consumption of fruit for her pregnancy health problems. She now knows that eating a lot of high-sugar fruit during pregnancy is a bad idea, according to Parents.com.

She joined with Unicef to help educate women on taking good care of themselves during pregnancy. She knows that women in third world countries face much worse challenges than she did while she was expecting Valentina.

Salma is a humanitarian who has tons of compassion for other people. She draws on her own life experiences to help others.

19 Parenting: She Finds Being An Older Mom Exhausting


Salma embraced motherhood later in life and finds it very tiring sometimes, according to the Dailymail.

That doesn't mean that she doesn't love being a mom. She's just frank and open about the fact that it saps her energy now and then.

Since her husband's family business empire owns the Alexander McQueen and Gucci, both high fashion brands, and Salma had her own millions before getting married, she's definitely able to access help with parenting (and everything else) if she wants it. She prefers to be hands-on as a Mom whenever she can be. Parenting right is always hard work.

18 Pregnancy: She Was Nauseated The Whole Nine Months

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Gestational diabetes was likely the reason why Salma had to endure nine months of nausea while she was pregnant, according to Parents.com. That's an unmerciful amount of nausea, isn't it? Women who have this pregnancy health issue often feel very sick. Sometimes, morning sickness doesn't stop after early pregnancy. It goes on and on and makes a pregnant woman miserable.

It does sound like Salma had a very exhausting and difficult pregnancy, which is too bad. Fortunately, it was all worth it since she now has a gorgeous daughter. Even the strongest, most independent women deserve love and support while they're expecting, especially if they're feeling ill.

17 Parenting: She Wants Her Daughter To Be Very Active


Salma thinks kids should be encouraged to explore and participate in the world around them. This is why she makes a point of putting together an active schedule for her daughter, Valentina, according to the Telegraph.co.uk. Salma will drag her daughter out to do activities and socialize, no matter how tired Salma feels. She thinks it's best for her child.

By exposing her daughter to a lot of activities, lessons and get-together's, she making certain that Valentina has the chance to try new things and feel comfortable outside of home or school. She's also making sure that her daughter develops into a well-rounded adult.

16 Parenting: She Believes In Limiting Screen Time


Salma prefers to limit her daughter's access to smartphones, computers, iPads, and television. She knows it's tempting to use these electronic toys to keep kids entertained, especially when a Mom is tired, but she thinks that even the most exhausted mothers should avoid giving their children these high-tech gadgets.

According to The Independent, Salma's parenting advice caused some other moms to get a bit huffy. They felt judged by Salma because they did let their kids play with these toys. It had to be said that Salma doesn't live a typical lifestyle. She's a one-percenter, so many Moms with less money and privilege may find her parenting advice unrealistic.

15 Parenting: She’s Never Been Away From Her Child For More Than A Week


Salma wants to maintain a very close bond with her daughter. Judging by pics of the two of them, she has created a loving bond that's very deep. Salma says that she's never been away from her daughter, Valentina, for more than a week. According to Theguardian.com, Salma doesn't have any financial need to work, but loves to work sometimes, because she has a passion for certain creative and charitable projects. When she does work, she arranges her schedule with her daughter in mind.

Salma is often at home, being a Mom and homemaker. It's what is most important to her. She's really into motherhood.

14 Parenting: She Thinks Motherhood Is Harder Than Working


Is motherhood harder than working? Salma thinks so. Perhaps talented Salma found acting easy. She started acting very young, after growing up in a rich household in Mexico. Salma is a Virgo, according to Starwhispers.com, and this is a work-oriented sign.

Virgos often feel extremely fulfilled by work duties that might leave other  signs feeling restless and bored.

If Salma is a typical Virgo, then she must be organized, meticulous and humble. She's got her life together and works hard on whatever she's doing, whether it's homemaking, parenting, her relationship or her career.

13 Parenting: She And Her Daughter Have Very Different Personalities


Salma says her daughter doesn't have any fear of being the public eye, according to Hello Magazine. Valentina isn't someone who suffers from stage fright or anything like that. While Salma has always enjoyed acting, she has had bouts of stage fright.

Salma thinks her daughter's personality is very different from her own.

Valentina's lack of fear of being onstage is just one example of how this mother and daughter are not the same. Perhaps Valentina's personality is a lot like her mega-rich father's. He's a business tycoon and a confident personality.

12 Parenting: She Believes In Nursing


Like most modern moms, Salma Hayek believes in nursing and nursed Valentina. Salma also nursed the baby of a stranger while she was in Africa, according to Abcnews.go.com. She did this to encourage women in Sierra Leone to fight back against outmoded cultural beliefs.

In Sierra Leone, the husbands of nursing women often force them to stop nursing their babies. Moms give in to the pressure to stop nursing because they want to please their husbands, but nursing for longer would be good for their babies. Salma is an activist and she proved it by nursing another woman's baby.

11 Parenting: She’s Into Attachment Parenting

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Another parenting trend that plenty of modern moms believe in is attachment parenting. Kourtney Kardashian is probably the most famous proponent of attachment parenting, but Salma Hayek believes in it, too.

This type of parenting is about giving babies and children a lot of emotional and physical closeness, according to Romper.

For example, moms who practice this type of parenting may sleep with their babies and spend a lot of time holding them when they're awake. These moms think that emotional and physical closeness helps their babies to develop properly.

10 Parenting: She Advocates For Global Vaccinations


Are you pro-vaccination or are you an anti-vaxxer? Salma believes in and advocates for infant and childhood vaccinations. She also believes that expectant mothers should get vaccinations, such as tetanus shots. According to Adage.com, Salma helped women and their children by promoting a global vaccination drive in 2016. Oprah, Unicef and the Pampers baby care brand also pitched in for this important initiative. Salma is one of those rich women who give back.

She spends a lot of time contributing to worthy causes and that's admirable.

9 Parenting: She Felt Lonely As A New Mom


When Salma had her baby, her friends didn't have babies. She felt a bit alone as she was learning the ropes of new motherhood all by herself. Of course, she had her partner, Francois-Henri, who surely offered tons of support. But she sometimes felt lonely nonetheless, according to Alphamom.com.

A lot of other moms can probably relate. Luckily, there are ways for new moms to reach out, from conversations with pediatricians to home visits from nurses to new mom support groups in the community and beyond.

8 Parenting: Valentina Likes French And English Bedtime Stories


Valentina grew up in Paris because her Dad is from France. Valentina speaks French and English and has pretty good Spanish skills, too, thanks to her mother, who was born in Mexico. Valentina loves to hear bedtime stories in French and English. She's a typical European child who is multi-lingual, according to the New York Times.

Kids pick up languages quickly during their formative years. Studies have shown that it's easier to learn another language during the first few years of life than it is later on. Kids have the right brain chemistry for learning languages.

7 Parenting: Her Daughter Is A Billionaire’s Child


Now, let's talk money. Salma's husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, is worth almost $18 billion. That's a crazy amount of wealth! According to Stylecaster.com, her super-rich hubby is a true one-percenter.

Salma has been described as a "real housewife of Paris" in the past and there may be something to this description, although Salma is a very accomplished and independent woman in her own right.

She lives a lavish lifestyle. She has more money than she can ever spend. Her daughter is growing up in a world that few children experience. Time will tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

6 Parenting: Salma Was Afraid She’d Miss Out On Being A Mother


Salma didn't have her baby until later in life and she was afraid that she'd never had the chance to be a mother. Her biological clock was ticking.

Luckily, she was able to conceive Valentina and make her dream of being a mom come true.

Lots of women have these types of fears. Before Valentina came along, Salma actually thought that the window for becoming a mom had already closed, according to the Dailymail. While pregnancy was rough for Salma, she has a daughter that she cherishes.

5 Parenting: Salma Was 41 When She Gave Birth


Many moms are having babies a bit later in life these days. There are different reasons for this trend. One reason is that a lot of women work and spend their most fertile years building careers and financial stability. Also, women are marrying later in life, according to Womenshealthmag.com.

The average age for a woman to get married in 2017 was 27.4. In 1990, the average age was 24. Salma was 41 when she gave birth. She got married after her daughter was born. She became engaged while she was expecting.

4 Parenting: Salma Has More Body Confidence After Having A Child


Salma has always been very body-conscious, which isn't surprising, as she's considered a great beauty and great beauties want to continue being great beauties! I remember reading an article years ago where Salma talked about feeling upset and angry about fluctuations in her figure.

When Salma was pregnant, she gained a lot of weight on a very petite frame and felt discouraged.

After her baby was born, she let go of a lot of perfectionism when it came to her own body. She realized her post-baby flaws were relatively minor. Her body confidence rose, according to The Mirror.

3 Parenting: Her Daughter Looks A Lot Like Her Father


Valentina is so very cute, but she's not a mini-me of gorgeous Salma. She does have Salma's dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin, but has most of her father's facial features.

Her face is shaped exactly like her father's, and they look incredibly alike when photographed side-by-side.

Pics at Business Insider and other sources show the huge resemblance between father and daughter. Pinault's son by Linda Evangelista, Augustin, seems to favor his supermodel mom more than his dad.

2 Parenting: Valentina Started Her Own Business At School


Valentina is a miniature entrepreneur who sold homemade slime at school, according to her famous mother. Salma wasn't sure that Valentina should be profiting from the sale of homemade slime, according to Popsugar.com. When Salma was on the Ellen show, she shared information about Valentina's interesting side gig. Amusingly, Valentina's dad, who is one of those Shark Tank-type business tycoons, encouraged his little girl to charge more for her product. Valentina was 9 when she started selling slime at school.

1 Parenting: Valentina Thinks Mommy’s French Is Terrible


Valentina speaks French like a Parisian because she was raised in Paris. Salma has had to pick up French much later in life, after being raised in Mexico. Salma has always needed to adapt by learning new languages. That's very difficult to do. Valentina acts like a typical Parisian by mocking her mother's French accent. She thinks that Mom's French is awful, according to Express.co.uk, and mimics mom's bad accent to shame her into improving.

Salma describes her poor French skills as being "humiliating". Valentina also hassles mom over the money she spends on expensive clothes and accessories.


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