Safety First: 20 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products To Have In A Family Home

Cleaning the home used to be so simple. If our dog brought in mud from the backyard, we would scrub the carpets. If we dropped a scoop of honey on the kitchen counter, we’d grab a surface cleaner and spray away. If we spilled a glass of red on a white shirt, we’d throw that baby in the wash before the stain set. See what I mean? When something’s unclean, we take care of it.

But in 2018, cleaning our dishes, hands, and homes seems more complicated than it used to be. Nowadays, we’re hearing how toxic the chemicals in our home can be. Chemicals like bleach and ammonia have been connected to a slew of medical conditions.

There’s a reason parents hide these cleaners out of reach from children or locked in a cabinet where kids can’t get them. Not only are they unsafe when inhaled or digested, but they can also danger the skin as well.

Who knew that keeping a home clean could put our family at rish at the same time?

If we have the chance to prevent these dangers, then we should do everything in our power to make the change. Not buying brands like X-14 and Lysol is allowing us to live a legitimately clean lifestyle. We shouldn’t be in danger every time we try to clean the bathroom tile or do the laundry, right? Below are 20 brands that have slammed the door in toxins face, and created simple cleaners that can get rid of grime, while being safe to the touch.

20 Lemon Juice

Via: The Spruce Crafts

While we have some amazing brands on this list, adding a simple lemon just seemed right.

Most people have lemons around their house, whether it’s for Feng Shui or to add to their water. What most people don’t know is that there are components in lemon that also make for a great cleaner. The Spruce explains it's the natural acid in lemons that gives them their cleaning capabilities. And as we know, lemons are from the earth, making them safe to eat.

Cut a lemon in half to clean the sink, or mix it with vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner!

19 Method Hand Soap

When moms are looking for soaps, they're looking for something that can clean while making you smell nice. At the same time, though, they're also looking for something that's not going to dry out their hands. Method is an amazing brand that cares for the environment as much as the people on it. While they have many amazing cleaning products for the body and home, their hand soap is one of the better kinds. Cradle to Cradle certified, animal-friendly, and climate-conscious, Method is thinking way beyond just washing our hands; they're thinking about the future.

18 Ecos Stain & Oder Remover

Via: IG

If you have kids running around or a whole bunch of pets, you're bound to have floors that are less-than-ideal. Pets shed, kids spill things and bring all kinds of yuckiness from outside with their shoes.

When enough is enough, and a person's carpet deserves more love, look no further than Ecos. Their stain and odor remover is straightforward, they know you're looking for a clean home that doesn't smell of hidden muck. With a dedication to sustainability, everything they do is with Mother Earth in mind. They even have the "highest amount of certified Safer Choice products in the US," which is quite impressive when you think about all the brands out there.

17 Baking Soda

I don’t know about you, but both my parents (and my in-laws) have an open box of baking soda in their fridge, and I’ve never questioned it until my adult life.

Why does every responsible adult seem to have this stuff in their fridge? Well, according to The Spruce, an open box of baking soda can help eliminate that old food smell that lingers in your fridge (and then somehow settles in other foods in your fridge).

"The unique characteristics of sodium bicarbonate make it very attractive to both acidic and base particles, once these particles bond with the baking soda the odor is neutralized," they explain.

Baking soda has been used for centuries, from curing indigestion to controlling odors in the home.

16 Better Life Tub & Tile Cleaner

Not many people enjoy cleaning their bathrooms. However, it's a place where people themselves go to get clean, which is why we should be cleaning this area with safe cleaning ingredients. Better Life has a tub and tile cleaner that gets the job done without any of those phony fragrances.

What's better is that all of their products are free from alcohol, dyes, fragrances, sulfates, and other popular toxic ingredients. Even their bottles are biodegradable, making sure that you're not just cleaning your home, you're also doing good for the environment. If you try this out and love the way your tub and tiles shine, try out their hand soap and dish soap.

15 Vinegar

There are a ton of people who dislike the taste or smell of vinegar. It’s highly acidic and leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth. While adding vinegar to a meal seems like a great idea to counterbalance flavors, it can also be used as a stellar cleaner.

But let me be clear, there are a ton of vinegars out there, but white vinegar is best for cleaning.

Due to how acidic vinegar is, it can break down buildups and get rid of grease. Use this popular kitchen cabinet ingredient on floors, counters, wood panels, and even stains on clothes! Even cooler, mixing vinegar, lemon, and baking soda (which are also on this list) can create the all-in-one cleaning mix.

14 Ecover Toilet Cleaner

Whether you're cleaning your dishes, hands, or clothes — Ecover wants you to live a clean life. In fact, it's much bigger than living in a clean household — they're starting a revolution. All of their ingredients are biodegradable and renewable, being sold in single-use plastic bottles from recycled plastic. Inside the bottle, you're using plant-based ingredients that are completely safe for skin and gentle enough for cleaning.

As far as the dreaded toilet goes, their toilet cleaner is strong enough to clean that bowl without the use of bleach, which goes to show that we never needed toxic chemicals, to begin with.

13 Seventh Generation Wipes

Seventh Generation is one of the more notable brands on this list. They don't just have cleaning products for your surfaces, they also have organic diapers, trash bags, and paper towels. On a mission for a greener planet, Seventh Generation wants you to know what's in the products you're using, which is why they make their ingredients plant-driven.

After buying a few products from Seven Generation, you can check their website to see what you ingredients mean and where they come from. Their surface wipes, however, are a personal favorite of mine. They even smell like lemongrass, as they are derived from essential oils.

12 Truce Dog Shampoo

In a world filled with chemicals, Truce is trying to make their green thumbprint known. On the outside, Truce is aware of the plastic problem in the world, which is why the containers are created from the best-recycled plastic available.

You can even re-use the bottles for other things once you're done using them!

The entire product line at Truce (pet shampoo, sanitizers, pillow sprays, etc...) is made with just 14 well-known ingredients. Their pet shampoo, in particular, is toxin-free and is made from baking soda, aloe vera, essential oils, white vinegar, and 11 other readable ingredients that are actually easy to pronounce!

11 Common Good Laundry Detergent

In college, I never really thought twice about what kind of laundry detergent I used. I wanted my clothes to be clean and I wanted them to smell nice. It was that simple. Most importantly, I always looked for the most affordable laundry detergent available.

Now that I'm older and know how dangerous chemicals can be, it's nice to know that brands like Common Good exist.

"Our safe, eco-friendly laundry soap is scented with 100% pure essential oils. It washes clean and clear, and leaves behind no chemical residue that can cause skin problems," their site says.

The brand also comes with linen water for that pesky iron!

10 Planet Dishwasher Pacs

Planet may not be a well-known brand (yet), but they should be on the list. Planet creates products with 100% biodegradable ingredients, and are known for their dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, and dishwasher pacs.

While many parents think about the toxins in their handsoap and liquid detergents, most of us forget about the pods we put in our dishwashers.

These pods should also be treated with the same care. These pacs are hypoallergenic, made from 100$ recycled paper, and are strong enough to clean grease from dishes. Created without phosphate or septic systems, you can grab these plant-based pacs from Amazon, Walmart, and even Thrive Market.

9 Attitude Bathroom Cleaner

Attitude is here to remind people to live consciously. You shouldn't have to live in a toxin-filled world just to do laundry, wash the dishes, or moisturize your skin. This is where Attitude comes in. They have the seal of approval from many notable organizations.

They're EWG Certified (their products are made with full-transparency, so there are no hidden gimmicks). All of their products are hypoallergenic, free from animal testing, and vegan.

Since bathrooms can be tough to clean at times, their bathroom cleaner is where it's at. One look at their ingredient label will make you feel better that you actually understand what's in it, and that it's not going to harm you if accidentally dripped on.

8 JR Watkins Dish Soap

When you're living in a clean home, you feel good on the inside.

Even if there are piles of clothes in every corner, the surfaces and air you breathe in are clean and fresh. J.R. Watkins is a well-known brand and has a ton of goodies for both the body and home. They even have candles! Made from natural ingredients, no parabens, and no animal testing, this brand has a good heart. In fact, they're so good at what they do that they've been using the same cleaning remedies for over 150 years!

One of their more beloved products is their dish soap; a soap that comes in a variety of scents derived from natural ingredients. With a hint of lemon oil, orange oil, and other plant-based oils, this soap is tough on grime but nice to your skin.

7 Puracy Natural Carpet Cleaner

Based in Texas, Puracy spent years talking to chemists to try and discover mineral-based cleaning combinations that got the job done while also being safe humans. Thankfully, their hard work paid off because they now have an array of cleaning supplies that are both good for us and the environment.

Another thing I love about Puracy is how affordable they are. Typically, these kinds of plant-based brands break the bank, making it hard to continue buying them. But Puracy kind of broke that mold. Their affordable Natural Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo can be used on rugs, carpets, upholstery, and other washable fabrics in your home. And like a few others on this list, Puracy is "naturally derived, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, vegan, gluten-free, and biodegradable."

6 Simple Green Multi-Surface Cleaners

Simple Green is another caring company that has 20 cleaning products in their line to choose from. From wipes to all-purpose cleaners to a BBQ grill cleaner — Simple Green thought of everything. Their multi-surface cleaners, however, get a lot of love. Free from dyes, perfumes, and colors, Simple Green is being kind to our skin while doing its job.

What's cooler is its ingredient list only consists of seven things! That never happens! You can buy Simple Green at Home Depot or order a few products online to try at home.

Regardless of what product you buy, these products are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

5 Aunt Fannie’s House Cleaner

Just the name Aunt Fannie makes you want to believe in the good of this product. It all started after a normal dad realized how sick his son was getting. He tried to get a handle on what was irking his son's skin and immune system as his allergies, eczema, and reflux were problematic to his life.

As it turned out, it was the products in this family's closet that were irritating their son. After a few trial and error moments, their son was "reborn" when their natural remedies worked. And poof! Aunt Fannies was made. Their house cleaner, in particular, is made with non-toxic microbiomic ingredients that are never tested on animals.

4 Mrs. Meyer's Surface Cleaner

Mrs. Meyer's keeps things simple with their products. Inspired by the plants around us, these products get the job done along with smelling heavenly from essential oils. You know how you open up bleach or spray Windex on a window and immediately smell the chemicals?

You don't even need to be in there when someone is cleaning, that toxic, chemical smell seems to linger for hours when someone's done cleaning. That doesn't necessarily need to happen. When that smell lingers, we end up breathing it in, making us sicker. But with Mrs. Meyer's, their surface cleaners (along with soaps and others) smell as fresh and beautiful as the garden outside.

3 Eco-Me Stainless Steel Cleaner

Via: 4hatsandfrugal.com

Cleaning steel seems like foreign territory to a lot of people. What's safe to use on stainless steel and what's considered not safe?

Well, as is the same old song and dance with many of the corporate brands out there — many brands use harsh toxins to get rid of grease when they can actually be dissolved naturally. Eco-Me's stainless steel cleaner polishes the surface while deeply cleaning it down. It's nice to know that if you use this spray on a kitchen appliance, it's still safe to cook and eat around!

All of their products are vegan, BPA free, free from animal testing, and have made their mark on the Eco-Scale. Find this product on Amazon or in stores around California.

2 Green Works

Nature does some pretty incredible things all on its own without the help of humans. They can live, re-grow, shed, and clean no matter the season. Flowers speak to each other, leaves fall from trees... nature is beautiful and works hard season after season. Green Works understands how hard nature works, figuring why not bring nature inside the home?

Their production line includes a surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, dishwasher soap, and more. Their compostable cleaning wipes get a high-five because they're made from natural fibers and have LESS than .05% preservatives in them to keep them lasting longer on shelves.

1 The Honest Co.

The Honest Company is extremely popular due to its dedication to transparent products and ingredients. It's also more notable because its founder is Jesica Alba. Nevertheless, the brand centers themselves around family care.

You can grab surface cleaner, dishwasher soap, and even face wipes from The Honest Co. Although the ingredients on some of Honest's products are lengthy, their dedication to the environment and having a safe home is clear. They also have amazing beauty products that are just as clean and cared for as their cleaning products.

So if you're looking for cleaning supplies, makeup, and baby goods, The Honest Co. could be your one-stop shop.

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