Mom Abandons Toddler By Putting Her In A Stranger's Car And Runs Away

Sometimes we read a story that is so upsetting and bizarre that we can't quite wrap our brains around it! And sadly, a lot of the time, those stories have to do with kids being hurt or endangered by their own parents. We hate to read stories like these! We cannot for the life of us understand what possesses some parents to inflict harm on their own children, and it breaks our hearts and fills us with rage all at the same time. This story out of Sacramento did both of those things, and also has us scratching our heads at how completely strange it is.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office took to Facebook to ask for the public's help in identifying a young girl in their custody. They included a picture of the adorable little toddler, and she just looks so sad and scared.

***UPDATE*** PUBLIC’S ASSISTANCE NEEDED IN IDENTIFYING CHILD The Sacramento Sheriff’s Office is in contact with a woman...

Posted by Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The incident happened last Sunday. A man brought the girl, dubbed Jane Doe, into Sacramento Fire Station 57. He told firefighters at the station that a woman approached him outside of a nearby Walmart store. The woman, who is believed to be Jane Doe's mother, told the man that she was being chased. He took the woman and girl into his car and drove them around for a bit. But things turned bad when the mother unexpectedly exited his car and jumped into another car with two unidentified people. The man, not knowing what else to do, took the girl to the fire station. The toddler was unharmed, but very clearly upset and scared.

The police were called, and the girl was taken into state custody while an investigation was conducted and law enforcement attempted to locate her mother. An update on the original post says that they have found the woman they believe is Jane Doe's mom, and as of now they're working on confirming that relationship and getting to the bottom of what occurred. Hopefully the poor girl is safe and being cared for while all this unfolds. And we sincerely hope that there are other people in her life who can step up and take care of her once all is said and done.

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