EXCLUSIVE: Ryan ToysReview Opens Up About The Coolest Part Of His Multi-Million Dollar Job

By now, even if you didn't before, you probably know Ryan Kaji of Ryan ToysReview. He is the star of his own YouTube channel and his own show, Ryan's Mystery Playdate on Nickelodeon. Plus, he's one of the wealthiest kids, with a net worth near $20 million. He is beloved by his young audience and their parents as well for being a down to earth, real kid.

Ryan has entered into quite a few brand partnerships, most recently with Hardee's and Carl's Jr. on their revamped kid's meal. His newest partnership is with oral care mega brand Colgate. Together, they have created toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash aimed at Ryan's young audience.

"We are so thrilled to be welcoming Ryan into the Colgate family this year. His ability to make such a strong connection with kids his age is inspiring," says Vice President, Marketing for North America at Colgate-Palmolive, Bill Van De Graaf via PR Newswire.

Ryan's partnership with Colgate is actually brilliant. How many of us parents struggle with getting our kids to brush their teeth? Sometimes, it takes seeing another kid doing it to make it more appealing. And since Ryan is so popular with kids, they may be more excited about brushing their teeth if they see Ryan's face on their toothpaste.

Credit: Colgate

"Our hope is that Ryan and his new line will encourage kids to get excited about their brushing routine. We want to bring the excitement of playtime to Kids Oral Care through products created by Ryan – a friend they trust!" Van De Graaf adds.

In celebration of the release of his line with Colgate, Moms.com got to talk with Ryan via email about the partnership. He was very excited about getting to work with Colgate!

"One of the best parts [of the job] is getting to work with brands I love, such as Colgate, to create something new and help kids have fun – even when brushing their teeth!" he says, when asked about the best parts of his job.

Right now, there are three products in the line, with additional products coming out later in the year. The first is a battery operated toothbrush in one of Ryan's favorite colors, red! Featuring extra soft bristles, the toothbrush helps break up plaque and sweep away food particles. You can also purchase toothpaste and mouthwash in Ryan's Bubble Fruit flavor. The toothbrush is made for kids three and older, the toothpaste ages two and older, and the mouthwash is for kids six and older.

Credit: Colgate

In a video for his YouTube channel, Ryan and his parents got to visit the Colgate-Palmolive Technology Facility in New Jersey. During his time at the facility, Ryan got to help pick out the design of his three toothbrushes. He also got to work with a scientist to make the toothpaste himself, mixing the ingredients. Then he got to choose between three flavors, watermelon, strawberry, and bubble fruit, and pick the toothpaste color. He of course, chose blue for the color, deciding to go with bubble fruit as the flavor for both that and the mouthwash. And he even got to go to the packaging part of the facility, seeing how the tubes of toothpaste are filled.

"I really loved my new Colgate toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. It was really fun to pick out the colors and flavors for them! Two of my favorite colors are blue and red so you’ll see those on the toothbrush and I chose to flavor it with Bubble Fruit because it smells so good. I hope other kids enjoy brushing their teeth with them!" he says.

And the team at pocket.watch, the media company that facilitates all of Ryan's partnerships agree. "Not only does the new line help kids fight cavities and keep their teeth strong, fans of Ryan's World are going to love the unique details Ryan put into each of the products," says pocket.watch Chief Marketing Officer Kerry Tucker.

We also got to do a little Q&A with Ryan about his life as a popular YouTuber. You can read what he has to say about his job below!

What is the coolest part of your job?

"The best part of making videos is that I get to spend time with my family, and we have so much fun together, especially my younger sisters Emma and Kate."

Who would you like to meet?

"I’d like to meet Jace Norman from Henry Danger!"

What is one toy you want to make?

"I want to make toys that I can play with all of my friends. I was happy when I was able to create the Giant Mystery Egg with a bunch of my favorite toys and playthings like slime and figures. I just want to make stuff that kids my age like too, so I can’t wait to figure out what that next big thing is!"

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