Ryan's World Giant Golden Egg Is Back In Stock At Walmart

Ryan ToysReview Golden Egg

If you've got a kid who watches unboxing or toy videos on YouTube, then you are probably very familiar with Ryan and his channel, Ryan ToysReview. Somehow, this 8-year-old has managed to become something of a YouTube tycoon! His popular channel has over 17 million subscribers who tune in daily to literally watch him open toys. That's it, that's his whole schtick. Unboxing videos are incredibly popular on the video sharing platform, but Ryan is in a class all his own. We're not sure if he just hit at the right time, or if people just really like the little guy, but Ryan and his team have managed to turn his hobby into a legitimate business. And a highly successful one at that!

Last year, Ryan earned a whopping $11 million. A lot of that comes from endorsement and merchandising deals. Because not only does Ryan open toys, he sells them, too! The Ryan's World Giant Gold Mystery Egg is THE hot toy this holiday season. It's been selling out all over, but luckily for Ryan fans, it's back in stock at Walmart.

ryans world giant golden egg
Image: Walmart

Mystery eggs and bags are huge popular with kids, and this one is probably the cream of the crop. The giant egg is filled with surprises, and no two eggs are alike! Each egg contains an exclusive lights and sounds vehicle (like a rocket ship), special slime and putty, a limited edition squishy, a plush, ultra-rare figurines, and more. The fun is in opening the egg, but it sounds like kids definitely get some good stuff in this one!

ryans world giant gold mystery egg
Image: Walmart

The golden eggs flew off the shelves on Black Friday, with some stores selling them for as low as $35. The red and yellow versions of the egg that came out earlier this year sold out almost immediately, and haven't been restocked. And Black Friday wiped out a lot of stock for stores. But it looks like Walmart has the mystery egg back in stock, just in time for the holidays! We warn you though, it's going to cost you.

Right now, on the Walmart website, one Ryan's World Giant Gold Mystery Egg is selling for $92. That's A LOT of money for a plastic egg filled with little toys! But if this is what is going to bring your kiddos joy this holiday season, we highly suggest you snag one before they're gone.

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