6-Year-Old Multimillionaire YouTuber Now Has His Own Toy Line, Too

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If you're a parent who allows their kid to watch YouTube, there's a good chance you've heard of Ryan's Toy Review. If you don't know who Ryan is, well you're going to want to sit down. He's a popular YouTube influencer who has been starring in videos where he plays with toys since he was 3. He's now 6, and has millions of subscribers. Basically, Ryan is the gold standard of YouTube influencer in the children and family/toy space, and people continue to emulate his level of success and popularity. Now, his followers will have another way to subscribe to his brand, he is coming out with his own line of toys set to be released through Walmart.

That's right, a 6 year old YouTube star who made somewhere in the ballpark of 11 million dollars last year, now has a line with Walmart. The line isn't just Ryan approved toys, there will also be some apparel. Clearly, we are in the wrong business. Ryan's YouTube presence is so strong and his brand is so heavily cultivated that his mom had to quit her job as a teacher. While there are so plenty of other YouTube channels in the same vein, Ryan is definitely the most widely known and therefore most popular. And since his key demographic are young, easily influenced kids, we know that the line will be a big seller for Walmart when it releases.

Ryan's World is one of the first major deals with company Pocket.watch, a company which negotiates licensing deals between digital influencers and brands. Ryan serves as a creative director (can you believe it?!) and chose all of the products in the line. They include: blind bag toys (because kids love random stuff in a bag,) slime (of course), a giant surprise egg, stuffed animals, racing toys and an assortment of other carefully selected toys. There are also 4 tee shirts featuring some of Ryan's favorite things, including pizza. He may be a businessman, but he's still a 6 year old.

The line launches in Walmart stores and online on August 6th. Walmart is pulling out all of the stops, including a 75 location experiential tour that will be set up in Walmart parking lots. Kids will be able to play with some of the items, make their own videos and pose with giant cut-outs of Ryan's friends. Who knows, maybe even Ryan himself will show up!

"This is the first time that a YouTube star in the children and family space has created their own dedicated line of toys and apparel, and we are excited to be partnering with Pocket.watch to have it available at Walmart stores nationwide," said Anne Marie Kehoe, Walmart’s vice president and divisional merchandise manager for toys, in a press release.

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