Ryan ToysReview Renames Popular YouTube Channel

The world-renowned YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview, has announced that they’re changing their brand and refocusing their efforts to different kinds of content. The multi-million-dollar channel is planning to expand their reach to different audiences with their rebranding. No matter what the new message is, however, the channel will still keep its massive influence.

8-year-old Ryan Kaji is the world’s top-earning YouTube personality. In a year, experts estimate that his channel generates $22 million in revenue. It all began on March 2015 when Ryan decided he also wanted to do toy reviews after watching channels like EvanTubeHD do unboxing videos. With that, Ryan’s mom helped him start the toy review channel. It was so successful that she quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher to help him full-time.

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Ryan’s toy reviews are so well-received because he is a kid who would play with these toys. The reviews online before his time were mostly based on what adults think is best for their kids. Along with fun backgrounds and Ryan’s bubbly personality, the videos are a delight to watch and make it seem like you’re playing with another kid—quite appealing to the young audiences.

In a video released on the channel, Ryan announces the change and he states that they will not exclusively do toy videos anymore. The channel’s new official name will be “Ryan’s World,” as they plan on diversifying the content. His viewers can now expect fun science experiments, games and challenges, and educational videos.

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The name change reflects Ryan’s larger brand, entertainment company Pocket.Watch. Along with the content change, the company aims to use the channel for brand deals and sponsorships. They have already announced collaborations with Colgate, Nickelodeon, Bonkers Toys, Roku, and Walmart.

Another big announcement from Ryan is that he and his team will be launching a new channel for Spanish-speaking viewers. “Ryan’s World Español” will have the same kind of content, just the language will change. This is to appeal to Ryan’s massive Spanish-speaking viewership, and the new channel will definitely make a lot of fans happy that they can watch Ryan’s videos in their mother tongue.

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