Ryan ToysReview Raked In Even More Money This Year

Ryan ToysReview

Can you believe that a few years ago we didn't know who Ryan from Ryan ToysReview was? Sure, it was because he could barely talk, but still. For most parents, it feels like he's always been around. Probably because we hear the voices of him and his family incessantly. If you let your child watch YouTube, then you have inevitably heard of this pint sized dynamo. Ryan (that's all we know about him, his family is very good at protecting his privacy) is the king of YouTube toy reviews. And if this latest report from Forbes on his earnings means anything, he won't be dethroned for a long time.

Ryan, who is only 7-years-old, is a multi millionaire and he's only like just learned how to multiply. How many million you ask? 22 million. Yes, you read that right, there's a 7-year-old who earned 22 million dollars in 2018. Now, put your eyes back in your head and close your mouth, you look like a frog.

While it's certainly astounding, it certainly shouldn't come as a surprise. Any parent with a kid under the age of 10 can tell you how immensely popular he is. He has over 17 million subscribers on YouTube, and more views than anyone else on Forbes' list.

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If you know anything about his videos, or unboxing videos in general, you know that they're basically just long advertisements. According to Forbes, 21 million dollars' worth of Ryan's income comes from "pre-roll advertising" on his channels: Ryan's ToysReview and Ryan's Family Review. The other million comes from sponsored posts, of which there are very few.

The kid rakes in YouTube hits like they're fall leaves. One of his approximately 10 minute long videos averages a million views. And with content being uploaded almost daily, the fact that he's a multimillionaire before puberty isn't that much of a stretch.

Additionally, if your kid is a fan of Ryan's, you likely know that this tiny mogul has his hands in several pots. No, this gravy train doesn't stop at just YouTube (even though this earnings report only covers YouTube.) Ryan has expanded past the interwebz and moved into brick and mortar stores. This past August he released a toy and apparel line through Walmart called Ryan's World. Forbes notes that he also signed a deal in October to have content from his channel repackaged and distributed on Hulu and Amazon. As if our kids need more places to watch him.

Safe to say that even if he decides to retire before he turns eight, Ryan is pretty much set for life. And clearly, we're all in the wrong business.

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