Ryan Reynolds Trolled Kanye West After Tweeting About The 'Deadpool' Soundtrack

One of our absolute favorite celeb dads, known for having some fun and trolling on Twitter, is at it again. Yup, Ryan Reynolds has been busy typing on this beloved social media platform and using those 280 characters to give people everywhere a great laugh. This time though, it's not at the expense of his wife, Blake Lively, but features Kanye West at the butt of the joke. And the conversation even had a special appearance by one of our favorite divas (hint: it was not Kim Kardashian).

Don't get us wrong. We love it when Reynolds jokes about his marriage. Who can forget about the time where the tabloids were reporting that their marriage was on the rocks due to the pairs incredibly hectic filming and work schedules and he responded with a laughable, “I wish,” Reynolds wrote on Twitter. “I could use a little ‘me time.’" PEOPLE reported. He knows how to get us all laughing.

Here's what went down most recently, though. First, Kanye West, who always seems to be looking to add a bit of controversy into his everyday life, tweeted about the newest Deadpool soundtrack. He shared that he loves the Deadpool movies, but that he has heard tracks from the soundtrack and that they sound similar to his music. Hmm.

Friend in our head, Ryan Reynolds, just couldn't let this go unnoticed because, in fact, the tracks on the 'Deadpool' soundtrack aren't that similar to Kayne's music at all. In fact, they feature a track from Celine Dion, who we all know is known for singing ballads. So, Reynolds knew that he needed to speak up and his response was hilarious.

He responded with a very simple, "agreed. I'm having a word with Celine Dion." Honestly, we can't imagine him saying this with a straight face. What happened next brought the whole Twitter conversation to a whole new level of funny.

Dion chimed in and said "hmm 'Ashes (Yeezy remix)' does have a nice ring to it.. - Celine xx." Mic drop.

We guess we'll just have to wait and see if a Deadpool 3 is ever released and if Kanye is asked to share a ballad. Perhaps him and Dion can join forces and grace the world with a pretty epic duet.

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