Ryan Reynolds Admits Blake Lively Drove Him To The Hospital When She Was In Labor

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of our fave celeb couples. Mainly because of how much they love to poke fun at each other on social media. Clearly, they like to have a good time with each other, and after their latest exchange, we learned something interesting.

According to POPSUGAR, Ryan Reyonlds admits that Blake Lively drove him to the hospital while she was in labor! Talk about a warrior momma! While he didn't elaborate any further than that, we are obviously curious!! Blake Lively recently posted the trailer for her new movie, A Simple Favor, where the main character, Emily Nelson, who Lively is playing, vanishes.

Well, after watching the trailer, Ryan, much like everyone else, wants to know what happened to Emily. And since they love to take this to social media, he asked her on Twitter. Honestly, we can't blame him, we want to know too! “You can tell me. We’re married. You once drove me to the hospital when you were giving birth. So..what the f— happened to Emily?” Reynolds asks.

As funny as Ryan's question (and the brave admittance of not being able to drive his wife to the hospital) is, the best part is definitely Blake's reaction. She never misses a beat, when she tells him that where Emily's location is the least of his problems.

But seriously, no mention of the whole driving to the hospital while you're in labor thing? We need more details, and Blake's not giving them up. Even if she doesn't, just acknowledging what he said would have been enough. She's really missing an opportunity for a good jab with this one.

That's unfortunate, given the nature of their relationship on social media. But even if Blake didn't mention it, fans certainly did. Not only did they find the exchange hilarious, they used the opportunity to tease Reynolds too.

That's what we're wondering too! What exactly happened to make Blake get in the driver's seat? Does Ryan not handle stress well?

Like, did he know she was in labor? He had to right? There are so many unanswered questions here, and it's driving us crazy!

We'd venture to guess it was the second time. Because if you have one baby, the second one is kind of easy right? Yeah, we're laughing at that too. But Blake Lively is definitely a warrior momma, so like, we wouldn't be surprised if she did it both times!

Obviously, we're very aware that this is likely a joke, and Blake Lively didn't drive to the hospital while in labor. Because, given the nature of their relationship, that's probably what it is. But, wouldn't that be truly the most hilarious birth story?

Even if this isn't true, the fact that it happened, and that both of them are so hilarious, definitely makes me them our idea of relationship goals.

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