Review: M.O.M.-Master Organizer Of Mayhem; Simple Home Organization For Busy Moms

If you are a mom or parent, then you already know that organization plays a key part in every aspect of the way we set the tone for our homes, the daily routine’s for our kids, as well as the way that we live our day to day lives. Author Kristi Clover seems to have found a very effective way to provide simple, easy to apply solutions to bringing order to chaos in the home lives of moms. Clover’s M.O.M.-Master Organizer of Mayhem provides succinct organizational systems that will immediately begin to work for you. What makes M.O.M. both effective and relatable is that the book provides simple, non-judgmental advice, support and tips on how to bring order to your home without feeling overwhelmed.

Is M.O.M.-Master Organizer of Mayhem Any Good?

The book is broken up into 3 easy to follow phases. Phase 1 is entitled, “Ten Simple Rules That Will Change Your Home Life.” However, while these rules are delineated, Clover makes it clear that it’s important to ‘Glean and Tweak’ which essentially means that you must glean what works well for others, and then tweak it to suit your family’s own unique dynamics. Clover provides really clear rules for creating order with a tone that is down to earth. Clover states within the book that, “Home organization isn’t a one-size-fit- all thing. I believe this misconception is one of the primary reasons most organizational habits don’t work for some of us. Fancy planners, decluttering, and set routines only work if they sync with your individual bent and your unique family circumstances.”

Phase 2 is entitled, “The Framework-The Systems That Will Make Your Home More Efficient”, which includes 6 chapters that are very detailed and give step by step strategies for taking action in your home which range from decluttering to setting up systems for maintaining the laundry. This section even contains a blue print on how to train your kids to help with home organization. Clover also provides a bit of tough-love style advice too, but it’s all in love. In this phase of the book, she states “Be ruthless. Redistributing clutter is not getting rid of clutter, it is simply reorganizing it. If an item is not useful or doesn’t bless you, your family, or your home, then pitch it.”

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Phase 3 is entitled, “The Finishing Touches-Bringing It All Together to Create a Home You Love!”, which highlights not just the organizational aspects of a home, but also takeaways on how to add to the beauty and essence of a house. This portion of the book gives creative suggestions such as: decorating your space with books, decorating your home seasonally, bringing the outside elements in and engaging the senses, as well as personalizing your space. Clover states in this phase of the book, “You don’t have to sacrifice beauty in your home as you are getting organized. In fact, the less chaotic your house is, the more the beauty of your home can stand out.”

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What I loved most about this book is the interactive qualities and layout. Within the pages of the book, there are fun bullet points highlighted, a ‘Toolbox Kit’ which includes actionable tips and immediate action steps, writing pages to think and reflect about the new knowledge gained as well as a “Take Note” section in the back of the book.

Considering moms have busy schedules, the book is a tad bit long at 208 pages. However, it is definitely worth the read. The book cover is bright and vibrant. It was designed by  Kimberly Glyder. Despite the fact that the book’s theme is about organization and creating a beautiful space in your own unique way, the overall tone of the book is very upbeat and inspirational.

About the Author:

Kristi Clover is a mom of five children that are homeschooled and her passion is to encourage families to bring organization to their lives in a simply way. An author, speaker, and the host of a podcast entitled, Simply Joyful Podcast. Clover shares her motherhood and home life journey through a variety of media at KristiClover.com. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband Steve, and their five children.

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