REVIEW: KiwiCo's Subscription Boxes Educate And Entertain Kids In One Fell Swoop

There are so many subscription boxes out there, it can be difficult to decide which ones to go for. Beauty boxes, food boxes, book boxes - the market is saturated with them. When it comes to getting something for the kids, it's even worse. So many manufacturers promise to deliver the bee's knees in child-friendly entertainment every month, but how many of us have been disappointed when our hard-earned cash amounts to a flimsy magazine or a plastic toy? Luckily for moms and dad's everywhere, one company has burst onto the market to change the game in a big way.

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KiwiCo offers monthly subscription boxes for as little as $19.95 per month. What's more, these aren't your average boxes. They're packed full of incredible activities that encourage STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and math). Here at Moms.com, we were lucky enough to get our hands on some crates to see if they're really worth shouting about. The good people at KiwiCo sent across two Koala Crates (suitable for ages 3-4) and a Kiwi Crate (suitable for ages 5-8).

We wanted to make sure that these products got thoroughly tested, so we sent them to a local playgroup where lots of little hands were eager to try them out.

Kerry Eagles and Christie Rees look after a group of children aged between 3 months and 9 years. These two seasoned professionals are all about encouraging children to learn while also having fun. When testing out the "My Body and Me" Kiwi Crate, Kerry and Christie were pleasantly surprised at how engaged the children became in the task. "The children enjoyed it all and were constantly discussing things like how they never realized how big their hearts were, and how many bones were inside them," says Kerry.

One five-year-old especially enjoyed taking one of the x-ray sheets and lining it up with his own hand. All children were involved in the project, which kept them amused for a significant amount of time. The younger children loved working on their own crate, which involved making finger-puppet animals and a working farm. Some of the materials used included wooden beads and pipe cleaners - both of which are firm favorites with kids.

"My favorite part was putting the googly eyes on the animals," says Ava, age 4. "The red box looks really bright and I like the vegetables that we planted." These examples are just a drop in the ocean compared to what KiwiCo sends out to their subscribers on a monthly basis. Children are kept stimulated as each box has a different theme. According to a large poll taken by the company earlier this year, a staggering 91% of parents saw an increase in STEM from their kids as a result of their subscription.


As far as subscription boxes go, KiwiCo doesn't skimp on the goods. The boxes are full to the brim with great activities for children to enjoy, all with handy instructions for parents. Considering what you get sent out, it's really worth the money. Plus, children learn in a way that's engaging and intriguing to them. These boxes are created specifically for different stages by an educated specialist team, so it's a truly bespoke service. Buyers also have the option of canceling at any time, so there are no contractual obligations to be wary of.


While we can't speak for all of the boxes, the farm box was quite reliant on adult interaction, too. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's worth mentioning as kids may need help or guidance.

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