10 Retro Toys and Games That Kids Will Still Like Today

The next time you get to visit our childhood home, take a look at the toys you had as a kid. It is a little surprising to realize that most of these toys are of great quality and can still be played with by our own children. But are they going to enjoy them? In this technological age of tapping, swiping, and voice recognition software and whatnot, we can't help but doubt it. Your children might surprise you, though!

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Rubik's Cube, Barbie dolls, G.I. Joes... these are some toys that may still have some pull when it comes to entertainment value. We've listed 10 great toys and games that will surely still be enjoyed by kids today.

10 Building Toys

What can we say, the classics really are dependable and won't let us down. Building blocks have been a part of our childhoods for generations. There are a number of brand names when it comes to these kinds of toys, but the two that stand out are Lego and Lincoln Logs.

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Lego was created in 1932 by visionary Ole Kirk Kristiansen and from that Lego brick, the company grew to an empire that's one of the leading names in toy manufacturing. The great mind behind Lincoln Logs was Illinois native John Lloyd Wright, who invented the toy in 1918. These two retro toys are still some of the very best. 

9 Tag

The game of tag is played by children of all ages, from all walks of life. It's a shame if your kid can already run and has no idea what "tag, you're it" means. Tag is a game played anywhere that has a big running space: in playgrounds, at the park, backyard, or the streets (though not near roads, of course).

All around the world, children play different versions of tag with different sets of rules, each more creative and exciting than the last. Teach the kids this simple game and see how much fun they have, and how much exercise they did instead of flexing their fingers on that darn device.

8 Old-School Games Consoles

Gamer moms and dads are going to love this idea. Think of the first games console you had as a kid. Look back and count the hours you spent sitting in front of that old TV, playing that old game that seemed so simple and needed graphic upgrades badly.

Why is Minecraft such a blast for today's children? It's that simple tech that attracts them, and if that's the case, then maybe they'd like our old video games? Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Tetris... they can go nuts with the range of choices they have and how easy the gameplay is. Have fun with a little blast from the past! Oh, and yes, don't forget to teach the kids how to play the other games and stop hogging the controller!

7 Easy-Bake Oven & Cash Register

Children love make-believe and creating their own little worlds when they are playing. Some of our best friends when we were little were those dolls and teddy bears we had afternoon tea parties with. What better way to host a tea party than an oven, usually the Easy-Bake Oven?

This ultra-reliable toy enabled hundreds of children to find their passion for cooking, and many of them are surely now professionals in the culinary industry. This toy was invented by Ronald Howes and was released some 56 years ago. What was amazing about the toy back then was that it really heats up. Newer models have been made since, but the classic look is really vintage.

6 String Phone

Some of us weren't very lucky as a child, because we didn't have the luxury of playing with a lot of brand-name toys. But that didn't mean we had a sad childhood. There are plenty of games and toys that we played with, and our memories are filled with these happy moments as a kid.

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There are some simple and easy to make toys where the chief materials are right there inside our humble home, like the string telephone. Imagine how cute your kid would look, amidst the expensive toys and gadgets, playing with a string tied to a cup and talking to their sister or brother at the other end of the room. Make one with your child, and share a little creative moment.

5 Monopoly

In a world without tablets, laptops, and the internet, board games were one of the best ways to pass the time. There were a number of board games we enjoyed playing as a kid, but nothing is more remarkable than Monopoly.

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There are so many different versions of this game available today, but the basic gameplay is still the same. The game was released by Parker Brothers in 1935, and  it still remains one of the most popular board games all over the world. 

4 Etch-A-Sketch

The animated film Toy Story by Disney Pixar is a nostalgic film, because it showcased toys that we had as children. Apart from Woody and Buzz, there are other characters like Mr. Potato Head and Etch-a-Sketch.

This toy is a portable art canvas that took up most of our creative hours as a kid. Created by André Cassagnes in the late fifties, the toy was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1998. Today, the toy company manufacturing the famed toy is Spin Master, the same company that markets Kinetic Sand and Hatchimals.

3 Hopscotch

Hopscotch was a great way to play outdoors with our friends. Bring out those colorful chalks and pick a spot on the driveway or sidewalk and teach your kids the basics of hopscotch.

The origins of hopscotch are unknown. Some claim that it was even played by Roman children! Since there's no real proof of how the game was invented, or who invented it, let's just enjoy playing it outside with our kids. What a time to bond and get some fresh air!

2 Connect 4

Some of the best games ever created in the whole world keep things easy and simple. This is why Connect 4 is such a hit. It teaches kids strategy at a very early age. It's a board game that entertains and educates the young mind, and brings out the competitive spirit in adults.

Howard Wexler was the man who created the classic game, which was released in the seventies. There are even apps today that are very similar to Connect 4, down to the color of the chips. But nothing beats the good old-fashioned Connect 4 game board.

1 Hot Wheels

If a parent had a Hot Wheels collection as a child, chances are their kids have the same (or a very similar) collection right now. These miniature versions of automobiles, trucks, and vehicles of countless types, makes and models were all the rage back in the day.

This toy car brand also had a rival back in the day, Matchbox, but now they are both owned by Mattel. Mattel is one of the biggest and most popular toy companies in the United States and the world, the company that gave us that other  retro toy, Barbie.

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