Dad Shares His Tried And True Hack For Getting Picky Kids To Eat

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If there is one battle that most parents can’t seem to win, it’s the battle to get your children to eat dinner every night. We've all been there, right? Well, one parent has an excellent hack that might help change your child's mind the next time they decide that taco night or Beef Lasagna Thursdays aren't for them.

Reddit user BabyHooey basically threw in the towel after he was exhausted trying to make everyone in his household happy. With six children ranging from the ages of 10 to 16, there was always someone who wasn’t satisfied with the evening dinner options. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

"There are literally no meals left that I can make without someone complaining," he writes on Reddit. "Spaghetti? I make my sauce with Italian sausage and one kid has decided she hates fennel. One kid has Celiac, which rules out wheat (obviously not her fault) so that makes it harder. One kid hates cheese, which rules out a lot of things. One kid hates chicken. We were safe for a while with tacos until one kid decided she was never eating tacos again."

Daddy BabyHooey (sounds like a great name, by the way) finally took matters into his own hands and made some adjustments at home. Realizing that he can’t make everyone happy, he stopped making dinner. He purchased groceries at the store, stocked the shelves at home, and told everyone they're on their own for dinner. He says that for about two weeks his children lived off of sandwiches and cereal. He only made dinner for himself and for his wife.

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Credit: Reddit / BabyHooey

BabyHooey explains, “Eventually, one kid said, "That smells really good, can I have some?" I said that I only made enough for the two of us, but if they'd like some of tomorrow's dinner, let me know and I can make extra. I was expecting, "What's tomorrow's dinner?" But instead I got, "Yes, please, anything's better than more sandwiches." All of them eventually followed suit. I'm back to cooking for six, but I'm making whatever I want to make.”

The father goes on to say that his “hack” worked and that retiring from cooking was the best thing he could do. That’s because his children now appreciate the dinners that he makes. What’s more, if they don’t like what’s being served, they always have the option of eating a bowl of cheerios instead.

Surprisingly, the kids eat their dinners more often than they do their sandwiches and cereal. Sometimes the best thing you can do is give your children a choice until they feel like they have no choice at all. Plus, the best lessons are the ones that are served on a cold dish.

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