Dad Invented An App That Freezes Kids' Phones Until They Call Parents Back

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A lot of families often find that giving their child a cell phone of their own can both be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you get a sense of relief that you are always one phone call away from your children and that he or she can reach you at any given time. But on the other hand, moms and dads often find that it’s difficult trying to teach their children the responsibility it takes to own a phone of their own. It’s without a doubt that every parent knows the feeling.

Feeling frustrated with how his own children never replied back to his texts, one dad took matters into his own hands by inventing an app so that kids have no choice but to call their parents back. After all, phones are not just for taking selfies, posting on social media or playing with gaming apps.

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Creative dad Nick Herbert invented an app called ReplyASAP. Basically, it freezes your child’s phone if he or she is not replying back to your text messages. What’s more, it sounds an alarm if the phone is on silent mode. This way it forces the user (your tween, pre-teen or teen child) to stop what they are doing and reply to their worried parents if they want to access their device again. Once all is said and done, then the parent has the choice on whether or not they want to unfreeze their child’s phone. Of course, that all depends on how the conversation went, right?

Herbert says the app makes texts unmissable between people that matter, “since important messages shouldn’t be missed.”

According to reports, the app has been a massive hit. Since it was launched back in August of 2017 on Google Play, ReplyASAP has been downloaded approximately 75,000 and counting. Unfortunately, the app is only available to Android users but we have a feeling that might change very soon. Seeing how many worried moms and dads out there are iOS users, there’s a good chance that Nick Herbert might start working on a new, updated version to help keep all of us at peace, while knowing where and what our kids are doing at all times. Fingers crossed.

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