Parents Can Now Rent The Very Pricey Snoo

If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a Bassinet that costs as much as two luxury car payments, we’ve got good news for you. According to new reports, moms and dads can now rent The Snoo, which is a $1,300 bassinet that is so smart, it helps your baby fall asleep in a heavenly dream-like state that almost sounds too good to be true.

For those not in the know, the Snoo is an award-winning bassinet that boosts sleep using rhythms that babies love. Designed by top pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, it rocks babies all night, soothes fussing and helps prevent risky rolling. It apparently boosts sleep for an additional hour with womb-like rocking and a special white noise and hears fussing and automatically increases sound and motion to soothe an upset baby. In other words, it does all the work for you.

If that weren’t enough, the Snoo naturally sleep trains and helps babies sleep through the night. It keeps babies secure on their back all night long and safely rocks babies while they are sleeping flat, as is advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Happiest Baby, the company behind Snoo, is giving parents the option of renting the bassinet for $149 a month. And while that seems to still be pretty pricey for the average family out there, the company is hoping that it will help bring the Snoo within reach of a new demographic.

But if you have a newborn baby, you might want to act fast as the bassinet only works until babies are about six months old, which is about the same time that they can’t be swaddled anymore. Both Dr. Karp and the Happiest Baby website cite studies done to demonstrate the Snoo’s efficiency to get the job done, and that’s put your baby to sleep every night. According to one study, babies who sleep in the Snoo get one to three more hours of sleep than babies who don’t. Another study found that 84 percent of parents who had the Snoo didn’t bed-share, which doctors say is one of the causes of SIDS.

What’s more, the Snoo has gotten some of the best reviews online. Some of them have included, “I can’t express how much the SNOO saved us. My baby would not sleep in anything or anywhere other than right on top of me. I tried every supposed “magic” product with no luck. Finally a friend told me about the SNOO. After 3 months of severe sleep deprivation I purchased it out of desperation.”

Another fan wrote, “The SNOO is amazing. We've put our daughter in it since the first day we brought her home. When I tell people our 12-week-old has been sleeping through the night (8pm to 5am) since she was 6 weeks, other parents are shocked. Spend the money...wait for a sale and buy this!! It'll save your sanity!”

If you are still on the fence about renting a Snoo, Dr. Karp puts it this way: the monthly rental cost breaks down to the same cost as one cup of coffee per day.

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