Is This Remix Of 'The Wheels On The Bus' The New 'Baby Shark'?

wheels on the bus remix

If you're fed up with your kids listening to PinkFong's 'Baby Shark' song non stop and you're desperately want your children to listen to something, anything else, you may want to introduce your kids to Desmond Dennis. Dennis is an R&B and pop singer who has recently attracted the attention of many parents and kids thanks to his remixes of classic nursery rhymes and current favorite children's songs like Baby Shark. His R&B remix of the popular PinkFong classic has amassed over 7 million views alone on YouTube!

Not only are parents loving Dennis' smooth sounds but his videos are complete with some pretty awesome dance moves too. Dennis recently released his own R&B version of the classic children's song 'The Wheels on the Bus' and parents everywhere are applauding because now they too are enjoying listening to these children's songs with their kids.

Desmond's video features himself and four other dancers wearing masks ranging from The Flash to none other than a shark. They bust out their Fortnite inspired dance moves as Dennis puts an updated spin on the childhood standard that is sure to get your kids up and grooving along. And the best part is that Dennis has such a great voice that you can't help but want to sing along too.

Dennis' remixes of these favorite kids songs have become so popular that he's even released an album called Cool Kids Jams. The album features 10 classic kids songs remixed in Desmond's R&B style and includes The Wheels on the Bus, Baby Shark, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and more. We all know that kids love to binge watch and binge listen to something when they love it, and the best part about Dennis' music is that parents are loving it just as much as their kids. Needless to say, parent are thrilled that Dennis has released his own children's album.

Fans have even commented on the singer's Facebook page that they often forget that his songs are for children because they're just so good! "Love this i swear every time the base drops on the remixes i forget they're kids songs and start dancing," wrote one adult who clearly loves Dennis' remixes. "Where can I get this music.... this is awesome," wrote another adult fan.

If you happen to be looking for some new songs and videos for you child to watch that you will enjoy as well, you definitely need to check out Dennis' YouTube page so you and your kids can groove along together!

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