Save Your Appetite Because Reese's Is Introducing New Holiday Shapes

For anyone who loves candy, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are a classic way to satisfy that sugar craving. They are the perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter and a staple for practically every holiday.

Fans of the holiday versions of the delicious treat, get excited because Reese's announced that it is going to be releasing their first new holiday shape in 20 years! Reese's lovers already know the classic holiday shapes like Easter eggs, Christmas trees, and pumpkins (which are arguably better than the traditional shape), but now they can look forward to "Mystery Shapes" and Holiday Lights.

This all started because a few years ago people started issuing complaints that the Christmas tree treats didn't actually look like trees (who cares?! they are delicious!). So, as a comical response to the complaint, Reese's created the "mystery shapes" which leave a lot of room for guessing and speculating - and eating! There are three mystery shapes in total, none of which have been identified (but a lot of people seem to think one is definitely a stocking). These new "shapes" are a great idea because no one can complain that the candy doesn't resemble anything if Reese's doesn't call it something specific.

For the people who need their candy to have a specific and identifiable shape in order to taste good, Reese's is also releasing the Holiday Light option. This new shape is supposed to resemble one of the large string lights your grandma used to decorate her tree with. As if the cute shape isn't enough, each one comes fitted with its own cap so you can hang it on your tree until you're ready to eat it (if you can wait that long). If you're eager to try them out, they're available in four-packs at WalMart.

Reese's isn't the only candy that's changing things up this holiday season. You can also expect to find KitKat Cinnamon Miniatures and Hershey's Dipped Pretzels on the candy shelves. Still, while there's no denying these are both intriguing, the best part about Reese's special holiday treats is that they don't have to create a new recipe to taste good because they've already created a masterpiece.

Now, go stock up on these while your kids are too distracted by their Halloween candy to ask you to share!

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