Reese Witherspoon Hilariously Learns TikTok Moves Thanks To Her Mortified Son

Parents everywhere understand feeling completely out of touch when it comes to the latest social media platforms kids are using. In fact, when TikTok came out, a lot of parents immediately thought of the 2009 Ke$ha hit song only to discover that it's actually a crazy-popular app.

Thankfully for all of the out-of-touch moms out there, Reese Witherspoon is with you! The 43-year-old mom recently went to her 15-year-old son, and Ryan Phillipe lookalike, Deacon to ask him the same question every other parent has been wondering, "what is TikTok"?!

Reese sets up the video in selfie-mode and says, "Deacon, I have a very important question for you", to which the sweet teenager chuckles and says, "let's hear it". His tone quickly changes when she reveals "it's about TikTok" and he is visibly worried about what's to come. But, Reese has all the moms' backs and asks her son what TikTok is because she is the best and is saving everyone from having to embarrassingly ask their own kids the same question.

According to Deacon, TikTok is "a short-form video platform for kids' social media" and Reese finishes up his description by clarifying, "so people find a song they like and they lipsync the words?" to which the teenager confirmed, yes, that's the point. The most shocking part, though, is when Reese asks her son if she should join TikTok and he says, "yeah, sure!" (what teenager wants their mom to be on the same social media platform as them? Reese is doing something right).

Then, Reese pushes just a little further and asks her son if he will help her make her first TikTok video. Deacon holds back his laughter and tries to keep a straight face, but agrees to help his mom out. Then, the video cuts to Reese dancing in all of her mom glory. It's pretty much amazing.

Deacon presses on and teaches his mom some of the most popular dances on TikTok before looking at the camera and saying, "this is so embarrassing" (and Reese is laughing hysterically behind him - classic mom move!). Even though he's clearly mortified, he still helps his mom pick out a handle for her new TikTok account, and even makes sure it's a cool one.

Even though it's still not entirely clear what the point of TikTok is, Reese's investigation skills are deeply appreciated by moms everywhere. Next, she needs to teach everyone how to get your teenage son to agree to help set you up on social media platforms, because that in and of itself may be the most shocking part of her post.

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