Reebok Creates Toy Story Trainers That Look Like Woody And Buzz

We've been waiting for Toy Story 4 FOREVER. It's definitely our favorite Disney Pixar franchise, and every single one of the previous movies has absolutely hit it out of the park. The movie was finally released this past weekend, and while we haven't had a chance to see it yet, the reviews are in and they are glowing. It's a fitting end to the franchise, with all our old favorites and some lovable new characters to obsess over. Of course, a new Disney movie means lots and lots of new Toy Story merchandise. And we ain't mad about it!

There are toys and clothes and collectibles that we're already coveting. But as much as we love Toy Story, and as much as we consider ourselves super fans of Buzz and Woody, we're a little on the fence about these new Toy Story Reebok sneakers. They're VERY themed, and we're just not sure we could rock these!

Image: BAIT

Now those are some SHOES, you guys. Reebok teamed up with Disney Pixar and BAIT on this super limited edition addition to their Instapump Fury line of sneakers. The sneakers are like wearing Toy Story characters on your feet. One side is all Woody and wild, wild West, with the cow pattern and denim and yellow sheriff's star.

The other side is straight from outer space and Buzz Lightyear's space rocket, with the purples and greens and reds of Buzz's suit. So whether you're a Space Ranger or part of Woody's Roundup, these will tick all the boxes for you!

Image: BAIT

But, we do have some bad news about the Toy Story sneakers. These aren't just going to be hard to find - it's going to be nearly impossible to get your hands on a pair. Reebok is only planning on making a handful of pairs of the shoes for just a few select fans. So you're going to have to be really rich or really famous. Probably both! We certainly hope they plan on gifting Tom Hanks a pair, though. For the rest of us plebes, we're stuck with trying to design our own Toy Story sneakers to celebrate the end of the timeless frREAD NEXT: anchise.

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