This Woman Had The Most Genius Fix For A Red-Wine Spill On Her All-White Outfit

If you're a person who is clumsy and cannot seem to go out without ending up with something staining your outfit, you may get a kick out of this hack that one woman came up with.

A woman's post on Twitter told the story of how her friend ended up with some red wine stains on her pretty white outfit. Apparently she (named Mia) and her friend El were at the races when red wine ended up all over her shirt. So they did the unimaginable and covered it up with... more red wine?

The picture, which has since gone viral and racked up 214 thousand likes and a ton of comments, shows El in her lightly splashed outfit, next to a photo of her in the same outfit only COVERED in red wine.

They used the wine to paint the outfit into something that looked kind of like tie-dye... not a bad look actually.

However people on Twitter were quick to point out that her outfit probably smelled, and that she would have a sticky damp outfit for the rest of the night. No matter how cool it looked, it seems like it may be an uncomfortable solution. However, nobody can deny that it did at least look aesthetically pleasing.

This is kind of like when you are young and get the advice to laugh along when bad things happen. This is taking "just go with it" to extremes! While you would think that the solution would be to try and work against the wine, here they went ahead and dived right into more. Wine-soaked problems require wine-soaked solutions, I guess.

No matter what, it definitely provoked an active discussion. Their solution to a simple wine stain was as shocking as it was surprisingly fashionable.

So there you have it! If you happen to spill a little red on your clothing, never fear. Just start dousing yourself in more and more until you are soaking wet, sticky, and smelling like a winery. On the plus side, you'll look all sorts of boho chic!

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