This New Red Wine Hair Trend Is Gorgeous

We're almost ready to say "see ya, wouldn't want to be ya" to 2018, which means it's almost time to ring in the new year. While many of us have given up on the whole resolution thing, it's always nice to start off the new year with a new look. While some people like to make drastic changes, sometimes it's nice to simply kick off the new year with new hair color. Mulled wine is not only delicious, but it's the perfect inspiration for the hottest new hair trend that you'll see in 2019, and we simply can't get enough!

Similar to the drink itself, the mulled wine hair color is a rich red hue that is so deep it's almost purple and can be accented by touches of orange or even chocolate brown, giving the wearer the perfect blend of color and highlights. This new trend is perfect for someone who wants to add a bit of color and dimension to their current hair, and it can be adjusted to look amazing on almost everyone. The deeper hue is perfect for winter weather, and just like the drink, the mulled wine hair color is sure to make you feel warm and toasty.

New York City-based colorist Rachel Bodt explained to Allure magazine why this hair color is so versatile and amazing for almost anyone. "It looks super dimensional, youthful, and is a way more modern way to pull off a deep, red color," she explained. And as the magazine points out, the hair color can be tailored to suit your skin tone and color, so it looks great on everyone.

If you're already in love with this new hair trend but don't have the budget right now to head to the stylist, L'Oreal has a great DIY way to achieve this bold and beautiful look at home using one of their many at home color kits.

There have been many beauty and fashion trends over the last few months that aren't really made for the average person, but mulled hair is something that everyone can pull off, and thanks to many of the major beauty chains creating their own at home hair color kits, it doesn't have to cost you a small fortune to achieve this look.

Mulled wine is the perfect new hair color to choose if you're looking to do something a bit dramatic with your hair to ring in the new year. The combination of deep cherry, cranberry, and purple tones are the perfect way to make a bold statement for the new year.

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