Mom's Warning About Her Son Spinning Too Fast On A Swing Is An Important PSA

Summer is the time to let the kids run loose and have a good time. Spending time with their friends and playing outside are the things most kids look forward to. And parents are enjoying the fact that the kids are having fun. But the fun turned scary for one family when their son suffered a serious injury from spinning too fast in a backyard swing.

In a now deleted Facebook post that went viral (and initially reported by Romper,) mom Rebecca Jordan explained how her son suffered some major head trauma. They had a "dreamweaver/dreamcatcher" style swing in their backyard. The swing looks like a flying saucer, and not a traditional swing and it's suspended from the middle. Her son and his friends were playing on the swing, and he asked them to spin him faster. As he was spinning, he had his head back, leaning off the side of the swing. He kept his head back as his friends pushed him with increasing speed.

Soon, his friends were running inside to tell Jordan and her husband something was very wrong. Her son was saying that he didn't feel well and his "brain hurt." Hearing that must have been terrifying for Jordan and her husband. When they rushed out, the top of their son's head was bright red. Based on photos shared by Romper via Jordan, it looks like his scalp is severely sunburned or spray painted red. Additionally, the blood vessels in his eyes "burst from the extreme pressure," she explained.

According to Jordan, the centrifugal force from swinging caused blood to pool at the top of her son's head. That's why it was bright red, it was essentially a giant bruise. "We were concerned about possible brain injury so we went to the ER," Jordan explained in the Facebook post. "Keep in mind he never actually hit his head, this was only from the centrifugal force pulling while spinning on the swing."

At the time of the incident, Jordan and her husband had adults friends over, six of whom work in the medical industry. Everyone was stumped about what could be wrong. On top of the head injury, their son was disoriented and clammy.

"It was terrifying because I had never seen this before. All the kids assured us he never hit his head. He became very emotional and said he was sleepy and his brain hurt or 'inside my head is burning," she told Romper.

When they got to the hospital, doctors and nurses were also stumped by the red scalp. So they ordered a head CT and checked his ears for fluid. Thankfully his scans came back clear with no signs of injuries or brain swelling.

Since these aren't typical swings, the Jordans weren't aware of the potential risks of spinning around. The style of swing may be seen at playgrounds, but they're still not as common as a regular swing that goes back and forth. These swings are similar in design to a tire swing. Hopefully going through the experience taught the family about swing safety. And the rest of us too.

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