10 Reasons Why Being Pregnant In The Summer Is Not That Bad

Being pregnant in the midst of summer can be unbearable. Yes, hot, humid, and sticky weather can really ruin a woman's pregnancy, especially eight/nine months down the line. Plus, the summer heat can also be extremely risky for pregnant women, due to a number of medical reasons. However, as long as you look after yourself, drink plenty of water, and rest, it can actually be reasonably okay. That's right, summer pregnancies aren't as terrifying as most people would believe, and in some cases, they can actually be rather refreshing. Here are 10 reasons why being pregnant in the summer is not that bad.

10 Fresh Food

One of the best things about being pregnant in the summer is the amount of fresh food on show. Yes, summer is the best for newly harvested and garden-fresh fruits and vegetables as well as numerous other yummy items. That's right, in the summer it is much easier to grow food which in turn offers lower prices and fresher ingredients.

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Plus, it also forces you to eat locally, another bonus when it comes to saving the environment and helping those smaller businesses. Finally, everything just seems to taste that bit better too, something that you and your unborn baby will no doubt appreciate.

9 Preggie Pops

Cravings are a central part of a woman's pregnancy and can either work in your favor or against you. Yes, sometimes cravings can be extremely difficult to conquer, especially if its something strange and impossible to find.

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Thankfully, one of the most common cravings is ice lollies, ice cubes or a mix of the two. In the summer, this is not only ideal but it is also easy to manage and find. That's right when its exceptionally hot outside, an ice lolly is a perfect way to cool down.

8 Outdoor Exercise

The last thing you want to do when you are eight months pregnant is exercise hard, especially in the blazing heat. However, exercise is actually very good for the body as well as your unborn baby. Yes, daily physical activity such as running, sport, yoga, dancing, and walking is perfectly safe and not dangerous for your baby.

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In fact, it has been suggested that frequent, light exercise can help deter problems in the later stages of pregnancy as well as labor. Nonetheless, if you do choose to exercise, always do it when you feel comfortable and also not when it is the hottest part of the day.

7 Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a type of respiratory illness found in young children and babies. The virus, which contaminates the lungs and breathing passages, can lead to much more serious illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia. However, although the virus can be found throughout the year, it is less common in the summertime, a blessing for those expecting at the start or in the middle of summer. Nevertheless, parents should always be on the lookout for symptoms whenever the time of year, some of which include a stubborn runny nose, sore throat, fever, and recurring headaches.

6 Vacation Time

The summer months are perfect for going on vacation, relaxing and taking some time off work, so why not make the most of your pregnancy by reveling in the hot weather and chilled out vibes of the season.

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In fact, summer is also the best time of the year for couples to embark on romantic getaways and city breaks, with "babymoons" becoming more and more popular every year. Yes, babymoons, which are summer vacations for parents who are expecting, are taking the world by storm. The babymoon is looked at as the last chance for parents to experience life without their future little one and are even more perfect in the middle of summer.

5 Vitamin D

Summer might be a little intense in some countries with some places regularly reaching over 100F in the midst of the summer months. However, it is also important to remember that sunshine equals vitamin D, which in turn equals a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

In fact, vitamin D definitely is extremely common during pregnancy and has also been linked to a higher risk of illnesses such as diabetes and preeclampsia. Therefore, expecting mothers should do their best to take vitamin D supplements as well as regular doses of sunshine. Of course, too much sun can also be a bad thing, so remember to protect yourself with plenty of sunscreens and wear sunglasses at all time.

4 Maternity Clothes

Ironically, being pregnant in the summer is probably the best season to stay cool, with pregnancy wardrobes much more accessible and easy to purchase in the summer months. Yes, wardrobe potions are a dime a dozen in the summer, with pregnancy women able to cool down by wearing summer dresses, tank tops, skirts, and bikinis.

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However, it is the famed Maxi dress that gets the most attention, with most pregnant women pretty much living in them throughout their pregnancies. In fact, maxi dresses are also incredibly cheap, when it comes to maternity clothing anyway, and can be worn in most social situations.

3 Comfy Shoes

In the blazing heat is likely that you will wear as little as possible, especially if you are heavily pregnant. Yes, being pregnant already raises your body temperature, so in the summer it can be pretty rough. Annoyingly, most pregnant women suffer from swollen ankles and swollen feet that often gets worse and sometimes dangerous in the summer months. Therefore, comfortable shoes are a much-needed option and should be taken seriously. Thankfully, there are numerous options for pregnant women during the summer, with most women preferring open sandals, flip flops or nothing at all. However, if you do suffer from swollen ankles, make sure you also give yourself time to rest.

2 Summer Babies

There is no perfect month to be born but let's face it, most people would prefer a summer birthday right? Think about it? Your birth month pretty much affects your life and your choices.

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In fact, there are many benefits to being born in the summer. Yes, summer babies are more likely to be born a healthy weight and are also likely to avoid disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression. Furthermore, summer babies are also more prone to be being taller as well as healthier and slimmer. However, it's not all chocolates and roses, with summer babies also more likely to be naughty and shows signs of bad behaviors. Oh well, they can't have it all right?

1 Perfect Weather For Late Night Strolling

So, it is nearing the end of summer and you survived the summer months while heavily pregnant with swollen ankles and sausages for toes. Your labor was incredibly exhausting, not to mention sweaty, and now you are walking around in next to nothing while your newborn baby screams for more milk and attention.

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Don't panic! The summer months are perfect for getting out of the house and taking your little one for summer strolls at dusk, giving yourself that much needed quiet time and breeze. Yes, not only is the temperature perfect, but it will also give you and your kid a break from the midday blistering heat and four walls.

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